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FC Dallas vs LA Galaxy: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts and figures from the season finale.

FC Dallas ended their season with a big 5-1 win on Sunday afternoon over the LA Galaxy.

FC Dallas head coach Oscar Pareja

Overall thoughts on the game…

First, I want to thank our fans who supported us wholeheartedly today. That was great but for us, frustration. We couldn’t make the playoffs. We have to keep our heads up and take our responsibility and make evaluations, as well.

About today’s game, there isn’t too much to talk about. It was a good representation of this season for us. It was a rollercoaster starting in the second minute. We’re losing, 1-0, in a game where we needed to come more concentrated. After that the character and the effort had us back and we had a great game. Probably one of our best this season, but we came up short due to what happened throughout the season. We have to take our responsibility, especially myself as a leader, as a coach. This one game was a great performance. Unfortunately for us, San Jose scored a late goal.

On finding out about San Jose’s late game-winning goal…

People were commenting on the bench but I didn’t know how their game was going until the final 15 minutes. It was something we could not control. It’s tough. It’s tough when you need other people to help make up for what you didn’t do. We have to congratulate San Jose getting into the playoffs. For us, it’s a time to reevaluate. It’s done. We need to sit down and talk about next year.

What happens to the team now?

We have had four seasons with this group. We have to sit down and evaluate. It’s a cycle that needs to be reviewed. There are things that need to change. The project is going to move forward. This year has been difficult. We’ll keep training. It’s early. They’re a group of professionals that need to get ready for what is coming. They’re a young group. Some of them will be getting called to their nationals teams so we’ll put that together. I have to be honest. I didn’t plan on this.

On getting bounced out of the playoff race…

It’s the nature of the sport. The results dictate the evaluation but at the end it’s not just that. Players that have been playing for 40 years keep growing. Tonight was a good example of that. It makes us think that we should reevaluate things because… What happened this year? It’s not just luck. We didn’t finish some jobs that needed to be done but the group of players that this club has and the group of players that are coming up as well… They have a lot of value. They need to continue. This year has been full of experiences. To be honest, some of them were new to us as coaches. We have to come back and learn from them. This year was a learning process for all of us. We’ll keep going up.

FC Dallas midfielder Mauro Diaz

Overall thoughts of today’s outcome…

It’s a very sad moment right now. We came into the last game knowing where we would be depending on other results. For us, we knew we had to win. We did our job, but then a goal in the final minute changed the outcome [in San Jose], so we are all very sad.

Thoughts on the team’s frustration…

It’s a difficult moment. However, there’s nothing more we can do, but to come back and analyze what went right or wrong, so that we can return as a team next year and have a better outcome.

Overall thoughts of today's match…

They scored really fast, which hurt us at the beginning. Luckily, we were able to find a way and score two goals. After that, we had a good game. We made sure we took advantage of the opportunities we created.

FC Dallas defender Walker Zimmerman

It's disappointing, we did everything we could today to try to get it, but unfortunately this is a result of not being able to take care of business in a couple of games. That's what happens in this league. It's tight. It's close. It comes down to a couple of minutes and a couple of plays and we just didn't get the job done.

On San Jose’s late goal…

That's how close this league is. The first thought that comes to mind is the game in San Jose, we're up 1-0, less than a minute left, and on one of their last chances they score an equalizer. That's the team that ends up making it in. You look at that game… I'm sure there are many others that come to mind but it's a long season so there are no excuses. We've had enough time to be able to get the points and make it to playoffs.

What was the difference from last season?

One of the biggest differences, thankfully it didn't happen today, but going down early and letting in goals whether it be on a set piece or when they run a play, too early. We are a team that as many people know, like to counter and capitalize. That was the biggest difference between this year and in years past… We let the other teams score first and that puts us on a terrible position for the rest of the game and often times it happened really early.

FC Dallas defender Matt Hedges

General thoughts on the season…

I mean it's nice that we got a win but at the end of the day it's disappointing that we had to leave it in the hands of other teams. We've had a lot of opportunities. We just didn't get it done. It hurts. I feel like one more result somewhere along the way and we get in. There's a lot of reflecting left to do in the offseason. There's no one thing that I could point out as the reason why. It feels like it was a combination of things that weren't right sometimes. Our shape as a team was really out of whack at times. Individual performances sometimes weren't good enough, myself included. I had a lot of bad performances that put our team in bad spots. Next year, we just have to fix that.

FC Dallas midfielder Kellyn Acosta

On finding out about San Jose’ late winner…

I didn't find out until the end of the game. From my standpoint, I just wanted to finish out our game and finish the best we could. Obviously things didn't really fall our way, but the only thing we could worry about was ourselves. At the end of the day, the chips didn't fall in place, but I mean it's MLS, that is just the way it goes.

On the season…

It's been tough. It's been a long season full of travel, lots of games. More games than I'm used to, it's just imperative for me to recover well. I mean, just all the little details come into play from eating well to sleeping well. Doing the necessary recovery needs, the ice baths, the massages… All of that comes into play. It's been a long year for me especially, like I said going back and forth, to national team to the all-star game to playing here. But I mean it's definitely been exciting. It's the job I love to do. I'm blessed to be able to do it so that's just all a part of it.

On his season…

It's definitely been a year of highs and lows. Not qualifying for the World Cup is definitely a big low. For the club, not reaching the playoffs is another low. Sometimes you have to go through experiences like this to grow. For me to bounce back and forth with the club and to get that international taste has been beneficial for me.