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What to watch for as FC Dallas hosts the LA Galaxy

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FCD looks to make the post season.

MLS: FC Dallas at Los Angeles Galaxy Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas comes home, for what could possibly be the final game of the year as they host the LA Galaxy.

Any Desire Whatsoever.

This has been one of the most spectacular meltdowns in MLS history and in all honesty, what do you say about this team at this point? It has all been said before. Defend, take chances, change the line-up, do something with set pieces, DEFEND, etc. This team has wandered into the realm of hopelessness and despair. When you ask me what am I watching for on Sunday, my response can only be, that I love this team. Maybe I am a masochist (It feels that way this year) but the one thing I truly need to see this Sunday is some desire to live.

This team could not ask for an easier end to the season at home against a terrible LA Galaxy. This will likely be the last game at FC Dallas for several of our young stars. They have a chance to make the playoffs, but they need help to get in. If this team doesn’t go out there and fight tooth and nail to get the three points it needs then this squad, that won two trophies, will collapse with a whimper. I don’t want to see that.

Last Sunday was embarrassing. This Sunday Dallas needs to play like it’s their last game, because for many of these guys, it will be.

An Opportune Opponent.

Dallas really couldn’t ask for a better matchup. The Galaxy are last in the West, and despite a win last weekend, have been absolutely atrocious in their last few games. They have been blown out on several occasions, and drawn a few times. It looks a lot like FC Dallas record lately. Hopefully beating Minnesota last weekend hasn’t improved their confidence as they head to Frisco. If Dallas can’t end the season on a high note against this LA team, then there are no high notes left for this squad to achieve.

The Old Papi

This team looks lost and that starts and ends somewhere, usually the manager. Oscar Pareja has had an excellent tenure at FC Dallas, but this year he has gotten it all wrong. The line-ups, subs, and tactics have been uninspired and chaotic. This season Dallas has been unimaginative. I hope to see some imagination on Sunday. Maybe a youth player in the squad, maybe just a good performance, but I want to see something that says there is still some hope for this team next year, or maybe, just maybe, in the Playoffs.