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Squad Selection: Will Oscar Pareja continue to gamble in the season finale?

Oscar Pareja’s bold gamble didn’t work in Seattle, will he go back to the drawing board against LA?

The end is finally here for FC Dallas as they host the LA Galaxy in the 2017 regular seaosn finale on Sunday.

For the last month or so we’ve seen a differnet look from Oscar Pareja and company but after last week’s blowout loss in Seattle, you have to wonder how much longer he’ll continue to gamble with the 4-3-3 look. Truthfully, I think it may be best to go back to a 4-4-2 look or find a way to get Cristian Colman and Mauro Diaz time on the field together for once this season.

At the end of it all it may not matter given how FCD needs a win and some help from Minnesota against San Jose.

Here is what we know going into the match in terms of availability:

LOAN: Anibal Chala (LDU Quito), Adonijah Reid (Ottawa), Walker Hume (Orange County)

INTERNATIONAL DUTY: Bryan Reynolds (U-17s World Cup)

Let us know what you think below.

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