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What we Learned: FC Dallas made it too easy for the Seattle Sounders

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FC Dallas is handing out easy results to their opponents.

MLS: FC Dallas at Seattle Sounders FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a few good spells of possession in the first half, FC Dallas didn’t prevent themselves from receiving a 4-0 loss to the Seattle Sounders. This result means that FC Dallas will now be going into Decision Day outside of a playoff spot and with no momentum. Here are some (sad) thoughts from Sunday.

The playoffs? What’s the point.

It’s truly unbelievable, but if San Jose wins their last game of their season (which is at home vs Minnesota), FC Dallas doesn’t make the playoffs no matter what happens in Dallas’ last game.

FC Dallas has had time to turns things around, and they haven’t done it. It is clear that it is going to take time for the team to sort themselves out. Even if FC Dallas manages a win in their last game of the regular season and makes the playoffs, the team would have to play a road game in the first round of the playoffs. FC Dallas hasn’t won an away game since July 22, and that was against a team that will not be a participant in the 2017 playoffs (Montreal Impact).

Making it easy for Seattle.

The Seattle Sounders did not need to play a great game to beat FC Dallas. The Sounders did what they needed to, but really did not play an exceptional game, and yet they were able to defeat Dallas with a lopsided 4-0 scoreline.

No silver lining.

With the score at 3-0, Oscar Pareja put in the defensive Victor Ulloa to help keep the scoreline at that. Not even that happened. Seattle scored a 4th goal and the result for FC Dallas went from big-game loss to embarrassing big-game loss. Yet another disappointing game leaves little hope remaining for this FC Dallas group both offensively and defensively.

It’s clear that Oscar Pareja has given his veterans the tail end of this season. It has not been working, and many changes will definitely happen to the squad when this disastrous season ends, which could be next weekend. Against the LA Galaxy, FC Dallas’ veterans will have one last chance to show why they should still be with the club next year.