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View from the East: Backing Into the Playoffs?

A point on the road is normally good, but, we need points.

FC Dallas v Colorado Rapids Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Saturday night in beautiful Dallas Texas, and it was time to turn it to TXA-21 again. Or sign on to or sign into MLS Live. If you tuned in you got to see Los Toros salvage a point from the game when they could’ve gotten more. Fortunately, you were spared seeing just how much we don’t look like a playoff contender. While a point is normally a good thing, the way we look like we might be backing into the playoffs isn’t exactly installing confidence onto the FC Dallas hard drive.

So Disjointed

This game was pretty bad to watch. From the lacking attendance, to the lacking product on the pitch, to the end result really. From poor touches, to aimless balls into the box that has been our MO the latter part of the season. The energy seems almost siphoned out of the boys in red. This meant I was productive around the house during the game as it was nearly a chore watching it. Got laundry done, did dishes, and yelled at Atiba Harris both positively and negatively. The Seattle game should be more fun to watch with the atmosphere and the implications to the playoff race. Didn’t help our playoff chances with a trip to Seattle coming up though...

Backing into the Playoffs?

Playoffs? Don’t talk about - playoffs?! You kidding me? I just hope we can win a game!” - Jim Mora.

That classic rant sumed up my reactions to friends and fellow fans whenever they asked about our playoff chances after the game. If we do get to the playoffs, I really can’t see this team measuring up against the tougher sides in there.

The talent is there as I mentioned a few articles are there, and Papi knows it. Unfortunately we’re fumbling for the keys to the playoffs while the other teams close in on us ready to take us out. If Papi doesn’t find the right key, we might have to find something else to do during our Saturday evenings, like say, wonder what could’ve been with this team?

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Ready to be sad.” Hilarious Reddit comment before the game started. Relating to something only makes it funnier.