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View From the East Stand: Packed Night

With the Rangers playing early, and all other Dallas teams silent for the weekend, FCD reaped the benefits.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It was a beautiful night in North Texas on Saturday night. A light breeze was rolling in and the high for the day didn't even touch 90. With the beautiful weather, and the lack of any other Dallas sporting event for the evening meant the crowds had almost no alternative but to come to Frisco for a soccer match. Portland was visiting and brought with them a nice sized group of supporters to the stadium as well.

Butts in Seats!

With attendance well below the average from recent years, tonight's game was a nice change of pace. Hopefully it's a sign that as we ramp up to the playoffs and the Open Cup final that the fans of FCD that don't want to necessarily make the trip will actually make their way to the stadium to watch one of the most promising FC Dallas seasons since David Ferreira's MVP season.

The crowd was engaged too, granted a number of them left a little after the 3rd goal with the outcome pretty much in the bag. The fans around me were talking less about their son's soccer practice and actually talking about the players. Although some of the comments weren't the most knowledgeable sounding. "Is that Castillo? He seems a little short to me."

Rivalry Intensifies?

Man, after tissue gate, being in the same conference, them ousting us in the playoffs last year, and in this game a dust up between Adi and Atiba Harris? Portland is definitely competing with LA Galaxy for my least favorite team after the Crynamo.

And finally your fan quote of the night: "You can't flim flam the Zim Zam!" - Zimmerman has been so immense on both sides of the ball. You really can't flim flam the man.

Who all showed up to see the game on this perfect night? Anyone else feel like Portland is almost on par with the Dynamo in terms of rivals? Are we going to continue to see crowds this large as the season starts to come to a close? Let me know in the comments below!