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Workhorse of the Week vs Portland Timbers

Three goals and three points. That was a great way to celebrate a fine long weekend. FC Dallas continues to surge in pursuit of the shield. Step inside and cast a vote for the player that made you proud to be a FCD fan.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

How about that? Chris Seitz is getting some real love with a nice Workhorse of the Week nod for his performance against the Houston Dynamo. He's definitely one of the better goalkeepers in the league and probably gets overlooked. Michael Barrios was a close second.

On to what was a massive weekend for FC Dallas, the situation seemed prime for a home let down. I noted the rumblings that this could be a potential draw with the Hoops missing key players due to international callups. Portland came into town maybe with their own hopes rising after a great performance against the hated Seattle Sounders. But Portland probably never should have stepped off the plane.

A midfield duo of Victor Ulloa and Juan Esteban Ortiz and FC Dallas' typically stout back line took care of business. Portland had next to nothing going for them throughout this match. Matt Hedges in particular shined. Ryan Hollingshead also had one of his trademark quality starts - nothing flashy but "workman-like".

This was again Mauro Diaz's show. The kid is good. No Fabian Castillo? No Tesho Akindele? No Kellyn Acosta? No problem.


Ortiz - At the beginning of the year, we knew what Ortiz was - a decent veteran signing at an inexpensive price. He's a guy who knows what it is to be a professional and knew that he wasn't going to rack up tons of minutes for this team. He's seen most of his minutes in the midst of international duty, Open Cup games, and CCL action. He hasn't looked particularly good, but he showed up on Saturday night. Ortiz made Chara look like a chump. I hope we see more of that in upcoming CCL games.

Ulloa - What can you say about the essential "workhorse" for FC Dallas? His season has sort of been muted because he isn't quite getting the enormous starting minutes with Kellyn and Gruezo owning that midfield, but then he comes in and scores goals and lifts the team single-handedly. It's nuts. How do you not start this kid? Pareja should petition for FC Dallas to get a 12th starter or something. It's an embarrassment of riches. Maybe Vic is our No. 9 answer?

Matt Hedges - The guy is incredible, and I hope that late game potential concussion is not going to limit his time down the stretch.

Cast your vote below!