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FC Dallas vs. Portland Timbers FC - Match Predictions

A big result on the road has the gang giddy for a crucial home result.

Getterson opens his FC Dallas account tonight. Book it.
Getterson opens his FC Dallas account tonight. Book it.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Only one draw is predicted for tonight as our writers wholeheartedly believe FC Dallas snags a massive three points at home against the Timbers. Last week, many of the staff accurately predicted that road victory in Houston (not me, whoops), but there is a bonus point that has been thrown out that I wanted to make you all aware of. Nathan accurately predicted a Mauro Diaz PK goal and has been given one extra point as a result.

Here are the updated standings:

Phil 36
Scott 36
Nathan 34
Taylor 33
Ben 31
Mohammad 30
Jared 30

Here are tonight's predictions:

Name Result FCD POR Comments

Ben Lyon Win 2 1 Goals for Urruti and Getterson.
Cody Gamond Win 3 1 Hat trick for Getterson because it makes Nathan mad.
Drew Epperley Win 2 1 Death, taxes, and winning at home.
Jack Hazzard Win 2 0 Brace for Diaz.
Jared Tilley Win 2 1 Goals by Barrios and Urruti. FCD grinds out a physical affair.
Jason Poon Win 2 0 Did not feel like we deserved to hear his reasoning.
Mohammad Bushnaq Win 3 1 FC Dallas does not skip a beat despite missing many starters due to international duty. Ryan fires home a goal, Barrios continues his hot streak, and the Jet is finally on the runway in an FC Dallas  home victory.
Nathan Hill Win 1 0 FC Dallas plays hardball and grabs a Mauro Diaz goal to get a massive 3 points at home. Going to be a tight one with plenty of drama. Red cards and red underwear.
Phil Luetchford Win 2 1 It is a home game, after all. I'm concerned that our midfield will get overrun without Kellyn and Carlos. But does that even matter? FC Dallas loves to counter-attack. One slow, methodical build-up goal from Adi via Valeri is not enough as Dallas storms back in the second with goals from Mikey and Mauro.
Ryan Scalon Draw 1 1 FCD lets a goal squeak by in the closing stages. Really deflating and puts more pressure on the team to perform down the stretch. Getterson gets his first FCD goal and Liam Ridgewell scraps one in at the death.
Scott Hiney Win 3 1 It’s a fun one tonight as Portland makes the game wide-open and the FCD counter is clinical with goals from Urruti, Barrios and Diaz!
Taylor Hester