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Scratching the Chalkboard: Finishing touch escapes FC Dallas

Much needed shooting practice for the B-side.

MLS: CONCACAF Champions League-C.D. Suchitepequez at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas was held to a scoreless draw last night against Guatemalan champions, Suchitepéquez. A draw is not the worst result, but certainly applies more pressure on the Hoops if they look to advance out of the Group Stage. Dallas will need at least a draw on their trip to Guatemala next month, which unfortunately is sandwiched between a home game against Seattle, followed by a road match to Los Angeles to end the year.

When you look at the stats from last night’s game, how this game ended 0-0 is an anomaly. However, as we know too well around these parts, sometimes the ball just doesn’t want to go in and hopefully Dallas used up all their bad luck and things will reverse on Saturday against the visiting LA Galaxy.

Shooting Practice

Oscar Pareja fielded a team full of reserves in preparation for the showdown against the Galaxy and for a while, it looked like it was going to pay off. Dallas started aggressively and the B-side was definitively the better side on the field. But the better team doesn’t always win in soccer and we’re left with a lot of “what ifs” from this one.

Dallas attempted a season high 27 shots last night, with just six on target and drew up this really ugly chalkboard:

(Green - shot on target. Red - shot off target. Yellow - shot blocked)

Red. Red. Red. Red. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Block. Block. Block. Block.

The positive here is that Dallas created their chances while fielding a weakened lineup. It would be far more troubling if Dallas was unable to unlock a weaker side that was content to just pack it in. (Possession was 71.2% to 28.8% in favor of Dallas.) Shot creation aside, much was left wanting on the finishing aspect of this one. Dallas was inches from scoring off a howler from Suchi keeper Manuel Sosa who spilled the ball before a defender made his way to making a goal saving clearance off the line.

For comparison sake, this is what Suchi managed to pile on to Jesse Gonzalez.

Loan Failures

It’s time to officially say it; the loans of Carlos Lizarazo and Getterson have failed. Lizarazo should have bossed Suchi’s defense and Getterson should have scored and/or created a goal from this one. Neither were able to do that last night.

First let’s look at Getterson:

For the most part, Getterson did get himself into really good positions. The Jet hung off the shoulder of Suchi’s right back and credit to Lizarazo and company for consistently finding him behind the defense. The bad part here is that Getterson’s final product was often lacking as evidence of his shot chart below.

Credit to him for getting into those positions, but if he wanted a contract extension, he should’ve finished two of these chances. In many ways, this performance reminds of 2013 Fabian Castillo. Great positioning, great willingness to take people on, hungry to attack but couldn’t finish the job.

Finally, let’s look at Lizarazo’s chalkboard:

Lizarazo was actually pretty tidy on the ball and only misplaced three open play passes (red squares), with two of them being placed into the penalty area. For a #10, against this kind of opposition, this was far too many sideways/backwards passes. Yes, Suchi packed it in a bit, but Lizarazo should have been able to unlock the defense a bit more and taken more of them on the dribble.

In the end, let’s just call it what it is: these loans were failures in the extent of getting them to playing meaningful MLS minutes. They are great for opening rounds of USOC and group play in the CCL, but other than that, let’s not expect any more out of them for this year.