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MLS Fantasy Manager: Victory Lap Round 31

Last Big Double Game Week of the season.

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Seattle Sounders FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

The victory lap continues for another week, and FC Byrd Turgler got back to good form behind the shrewd captain pick of David Villa (36 points). Worried, Phil?

More impressively, Insidious Epidermis led all scorers in the Big D Soccer league with a whopping 99 points, which was good enough for 59th place overall last round. Helluva round, Ari. There are four teams still in the Top 100, so loot will be on the line for our league as the season winds to a close.

Huge round this week with 8 teams on the DGW leading into an international break next round when only 6 teams will be active. Wildcard usage and balancing your resources over the next 2 rounds will be critical to your success. In Round 32, their will be an international break to consider. Unfortunately, you won’t know the extent of people leaving this round until after the deadline (6:30 CDT), but you can take a stab at guessing by checking out last month’s call ups.

Another potential hiccup to your plans are players picking up a yellow card in the first game of the DGW and missing the 2nd game through suspension. Potentially exciting differential plays like Joevin Jones, Osvaldo Alonso, and Michael Bradley all are a card away from suspension. Anibal Godoy and Victor Cabrera are even more exotic picks one away, and Alex (who has a DGW in Round 32) also sits one yellow card away from suspension.

The player that fits under both of these categories who is en fuego (even when he racks up bogus assists like in LA this weekend) is Nicolas Lodeiro. He’ll be the consensus captain pick this weekend, and there’s an excellent reason why. Lodeiro’s averaged over 9 ppg since he joined up with Sounders, and they’ve got promising fixtures this week with a playoff spot on the line. Lodeiro’s a big time player playing in big time games, and you’d be a fool not to captain him.

However, Lodeiro’s feisty play has earned him 4 yellow cards in his 8 matches with the team so far. You should probably own him by now, but if you don’t, you know he’s around a 50-50 proposition to get a yellow card, and he’ll be with Uruguay next round for World Cup Qualifying. As your captain pick, 30 points is a reasonable expectation, but he could also blow up this round and get you 50. He could also get a yellow, miss the game in Vancouver, and wind up owning you 10. Bear all of this in mind when determining whether to add/captain Lodeiro this round. Minus the potential yellow card suspension, he’s nearly at Giovinco status when it comes to captaincy.

Aside from that, look at the form teams at the moment when busting out your crystal ball. Columbus has won 4 out of their last 7, haven’t been shutout in 8 games, and they play in Round 32. Seattle’s been even hotter winning 5 of their last 8 and notching a goal in their last 9. Here’s your results map.

A team that’s been poor is Montreal, and Drogba isn’t starting tonight. That could be a boost to Ignacio Piatti (oddly enough). Orlando has struggled as of late, but at least Larin and Kaka were pulled early last round. You should be able to count on 2 from those guys. Toronto’s got 2 at home. You have to love that, and there have been rumblings about Sebastien Giovinco being available off the bench. Is a sub appearance tonight and a start on Sunday worth the risk? We’ll learn soon enough with the games kicking off at 6:30 tonight.

Cry of the Vanquished (Phil):

Presumably, Phil’s feeling the heat after last round.