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View from the East: Packed Tinto!

This game was good for our Shield hopes, but not great.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

It was a nice Saturday in Dallas, and a trip to Salt Lake City was on the cards for the weekend. After the draw in New York, it was imperative that we get at least a result from Utah and bring the boys back for a much anticipated home game against the LA Galaxy. Though scoreless, plenty of moments had me on the edge of my seat, and other moments had me get up and get another drink. This night, the drink was Jameson and ginger ale, a fair amount of it.

Packed House!

It was a pretty nice turnout over in Real Salt Lake land! A big test every year for Major League Soccer seems to be when college football and the NFL start up. With BYU having a pretty down year, it seems like more people are heading over the Rio Tinto stadium to see a team in playoff contention.


"Keep that ball out of the net! Keep that ball out of the net!" Phenomenal performance from our veteran starting 'keeper, and it gave us a chance in the game and in the end allowed us to get a point. He'll need to be this sharp with our last 3 league opponents of LA Galaxy twice and Seattle once. With both teams having potent offenses.

Also helping him out though were the heroics of Walker Zimmerman. The big centerback delivered a brilliant last ditch tackle and was a rock in the back line for the entirety of the game. Just how solid the defense played on Saturday AWAY from home gives me hope that we'll be solid going into the playoffs.

Finally, your fan quote of the night: " Walker Zimmerman is a full grown man."

Tinto's stadium was absolutely packed, weird how a downtown stadium does wonders with attendance huh? Who else sang the 'Baby Seitz' song during this game? Can anyone disagree that Walker Zimmerman is now a full grown man? Let me know in the comments below!