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Workhorse of the Week vs. Real Salt Lake

A 0-0 away draw is the stuff great soccer is made of. Disagree? Come inside, vote, and debate me.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

We had 41 total votes last week, and the numbers were split across a variety of players in the away draw against NYCFC. In the end, Maxi Urruti and Mauro Rosales drew even with 9 votes each, making them dual Workhorse of the Week winners. I'm pretty fine with that result, as both are putting in hard work in tough situations.

As to this week, we got 1 point.

Looking back at FC Dallas' last away game at Real Salt Lake, many of us moaned a bit about that performance. It came down to poor clearance in the box that RSL put away. A draw was probably more deserving in that result with the kind of defensive performance FCD was putting together.

On Saturday night, the defense showed how hard they keep working. This had to be one of the better all around FC Dallas performances on the back line. They talked to each other. They remained organized. They were relentless, and they found a way to thwart what few chances RSL had. Walker Zimmerman's desperate save makes him a clear frontrunner for our Workhorse of the Week nod.

But here's some other things to note:

- Maxi Urruti continues his nice workrate. Look, I think we have room to be critical of the guy for being up and down. We needed a goal, and he wasn't able to find one though he had at least one clear chance. Despite that, from my vantage point, it looked like he was doing the right things. Pareja seemed to have him working off of Glad most of the night, which if RSL was going to make a defensive mistake, you could bet it was going to come at the expensive of the rookie. Smart stuff.

- Defense is king late in the season. The goals will come near the end of the season, but if they don't, you need your defense peaking at the right time. We may be seeing that from FC Dallas. If they can remain this organized, it takes some pressure off the offense a bit. A scoreless draw away in the first leg of a playoff game is always a good thing. However, we still need Diaz, Barrios, and Urruti to figure things out.

- Mauro Rosales is a late season godsend. Let's be grateful to have this kind of bench depth. He has been pretty non-existent most of the season, but he is a nice option that gives Pareja time until we figure something else out. I'd love a more dynamic winger type, but he still has skill on the ball and oodles of experience. That will come in handy.

- This is it. Every minute counts from here on out. Every weekend is do or die if FC Dallas wants the shield. Let's see how this team claws its way through the remaining competition.

Cast your vote below for the Workhorse of the Week.

And tell me this - is great soccer really made out of feisty 0-0 draws? Am I wrong? Or was that RSL-FCD game one of the better of the weekend?