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MLS Fantasy Manager: Victory Lap Round 30

The most ironically titled punditry on the internet

Colorado Rapids v DC United Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

It was all going so well until that night we bowled with the priest...

This is called ‘The Victory Lap’ because I won a bet with Phil to see who would have the highest score through Round 27. I won, so there’s that. Since, then I’ve plummeted to 35th in the rankings (still not that bad) which is my lowest since Round 3. Phil is now 39 points ahead of me. Go back to Round 24, and I was 36 points ahead of him. I haven’t been disastrous in the stretch, per se, but I simply haven’t been as good as the rest of the pack.

All that to say, a 75 point move in the last 5 rounds is far from impossible, and it isn’t like my advice has been bad. I was (and recommended you become) an early adopter of Nicholas Lodeiro. I suggested Patrick Mullins before he went big, and then suggested you don’t chase the points after he did. Hell I even picked a worthwhile Dynamo player last week (Alex...he scored a goal). I’d be in way better shape if I had followed my own advice.

Of course, it’s not as simple as that. You can only make so many transfers in a round, and you still have to consider budget. That said, I’ve still got a wildcard in pocket, and if you do too, save it for Round 32 if at all possible. There’s an excellent opportunity to differentiate yourself there. Huge double game week next round. Columbus, DC, San Jose, and Toronto all have a home game leading into their DGW next round, which is worth considering. You should know the big boys by now (Lodeiro, Piatti, Larin, and many others), but here’s some more off the radar fare for your consideration leading into the next round.

Alex Bono for Toronto has been a cheap delight for fantasy players, but are we certain he’s locked in as the starter now that Clint Irwin is healthy again? I won’t be putting my eggs in that basket, but I am tempted by Sebastien Frei (5.8% owned). A home game against Chicago and a short trip to Vancouver against a pea shooter attack looks promising.

You know what’s awful? Columbus Crew’s defense. That said, Harrison Afful (see what I did there) has been really good. He’s a bonus point machine who regularly gets into the attack (1 goal, 3 assists). Honestly, he’s a boom or bust pick over the next 2 rounds, and he’ll probably get called in for internationals in Round 32. If you’re shooting for a high ceiling, he’s worth a shot and is only 3.2% owned.

Toronto’s in the midst of a 4 game home stand, and there offense (even without Giovinco) appears to be clicking. If you want someone on the cheap who’ll play 3 home games in the next 2 rounds, Jonathan Osorio plays as their functional ‘10’, and is only owned by 2%. He hasn’t dazzled by any stretch of the imagination, but you can’t argue with the schedule, and someone has to earn the points for TFC. If you’re wary of the floor, Alberto Quintero has averaged 5/gm over his last 7 round (without a big outlier), is cheaper, and is also a 2%er. The only downside to Quintero is there’s a pretty good shot he misses out on Round 32 to play with Panama.

The biggest tip for the round is Luciano Acosta who should be just as exciting as Cyle Larin, frankly. He’s been a machine lately, but the adoption rate isn’t there (1.5%) owned. The great thing about Acosta is that he’s not goal or assist dependent; he’ll get you bonus points. Orlando doesn’t scare you defensively at home. A match against Columbus and Toronto in Canada next round isn’t particularly daunting either. If Giovinco’s still a scratch next round, you could do a lot worse than Acosta.

Cry of the Vanquished (Phil):