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Paxton Pomykal to wear #19 for FC Dallas

A new tradition is born for Homegrown players.

Photo courtesy of FC Dallas

We all know jersey numbers are a big thing in soccer. Typically I tend to gloss over them when new players are signed by FC Dallas (I mean, Getterson getting number 9 was reason to ignore it alone). But this time around it is something I cannot ignore.

Today the club announced that newly signed Homegrown midfielder Paxton Pomykal will wear the #19 jersey. Why is #19 so important you may ask? Well, it is simple, that is the number the late Bobby Rhine wore during his playing days in Dallas.

“I went to Bevan [Rhine’s wife] and said that we had a young man who came up through our academy who signed a contract here. He’s a terrific player on the field and wants to wear number 19,” said Dan Hunt. “[I told her] I’m going to leave this solely up to you. If you tell me you never want 19 to ever be worn again, then no player will ever wear it again. She said ‘I have to be honest, I think it would be a great way to honor Bobby’s legacy’ and agreed with that.”

Pomykal grew up in the Dallas system and is fully aware of the legacy that Rhine left behind with the club. Seeing that he reached out to Bevin and the Rhine family about this is a nice thing as well.

I used to think that the club needed to retire the #19 all together but this news has me thinking a different tune.

The best part about this news is seeing that future Homegrown players will also wear this number.

You can also order a custom #19 jersey sold in the team store. The club will donate $5 to the FCD Foundation every time a customized #19 is ordered.