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View from the East Stand: Baseball Night?

A big point from the Big Apple!

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The weather was almost perfect outside, with a slight bit of humidity coming in to make it slightly uncomfortable. For my family, this game was actually serving as a pregame to the Canelo fight that night, which is almost similar to the new MLS/NFL doubleheader that Fox is trying out. The stadium looks ugly on TV, thankfully we only visit these guys once every two years though.

Stadium & Pitch

Yankee stadium is a constant complaint amongst MLS fans. With no real plan set for a new soccer specific stadium, it seems like we'll have to bear with them as they continue to look for a stadium downtown. From what I've been told though, the stadium isn't that bad to be at live. It also helps that they gain consistently 10k more people than we do over in Frisco...

The pitch also looked to take a beating from the game being played on it. Not sure if this usually happens in NYCFC home matches, but that field will probably need some TLC after some of the corners taken that resulted in divots.

Good Game

The game was great though, despite the end result. After an incredible Open Cup win during the week, FC Dallas was back in league play. FCD definitely tried to take a strong step towards winning their second trophy of the year, a road win that would've been so crucial in a schedule with RSL, LA Galaxy x2, and Seattle remaining on the schedule. That Tesho miss might cost us in the end, hate to say it. My hands stayed on my head for almost the rest of the game after that one.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: "Lampard and Pirlo both have careers older than several of our players."

What did you think of seeing Yankee Stadium on TV for 90 minutes? Anyone else feel like we probably should've won this considering our upcoming schedule? Would you trade our SSS for better attendance? Let me know in the comments below!