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Let’s tap the brakes about the Treble and enjoy Tuesday night

Winning trophies is great but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here.

MLS: U.S. Open Cup Final-New England Revolution vs FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Growing up in the DFW market, I have been lucky enough to be apart of some amazing sports moments. I can remember one late night as a 12-year old, laying on the floor listening to the radio broadcast of the Dallas Stars winning the Stanley Cup. That was one of the happiest moments of my life just because the rest of the family had already fallen asleep on the couches. I got to enjoy the moment all by myself. I was in my own little corner of the universe celebrating the victory of one of my favorite teams.

In the same vein, when Neftali Feliz struck out Alex Rodriguez, sending the Rangers to the World Series, I was lucky enough to be in my room listening to it, again on the radio (apparently I live in the 1940s). I had to hold back tears because of how excited I was in that moment. Those nights will always stick with me, not because of the victory itself, but the journey getting there.

Tuesday is now on that list of special memories for me. We all have our stories about when we fell in love with our local club. For me, it was back in 2010. I was lucky enough to start following the club the year David Ferreira won the MVP and FC Dallas went to MLS Cup. I ended up excusing myself from our ‘Friendsgiving’ that year to sneak off into a back bedroom and watch the title match on a bootleg stream. Even after only following the club for one year, that ending was brutal and has stuck with me.

I have been on cloud-nine these past two days, thinking back to Tuesday night. I have read every generic article from the national pundits about the match, just so I can relive it again and again. The problem with everyone’s take on the match is they kind of left the article mentioning that the first title is down, now try to go get the next two.

I understand why they do it, but as a fanbase, can we just enjoy this one?

Why do we already have to be looking towards the next one? Some people who can vote in this election, weren’t alive the last time FCD won a trophy. This was the first DFW professional team to win a trophy in the metroplex. Savor it. I don’t want to cheapen Tuesday night because pundits/fans have expectations that they are projecting on our club.

When you look across the DFW sports landscape, what is everyone’s biggest complaints? The Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks are too cooperate. If you can find tickets in the lower bowl, since most are sold to businesses, it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg to get those seats. Let’s say you want to go a step further than just being a fan and want to help the teams out somehow, well there really isn’t an avenue for you to help out. Everything is rigidly done by the team’s themselves. Not to say that it’s right or wrong, but it’s the reality of the current status of major professional teams in this country.

Now look at FC Dallas. We are in a special time in this club’s history. Realistically, the fanbase is still small enough where everyone can get involved and help make an impact with the club itself. You can get season tickets and be in contact with the players on a semi-basis. Possibly, to the point where the players will recognize you and come high five you after a big result. On top of that, you can get involved with one of the incredible supporters groups and help organize tifos, tailgates, watch parties or away matches supporter sections. This fan base really is a family still. The reason it’s able to so is because of the size of the fan group. Who knows what everything looks like in five or ten years from now. (Sidenote, if you want to know how to get involved in the FCD soccer community, reach out to myself or any of the supporter groups. They are extremely welcoming and add a lot to the match day experience.)

Let’s enjoy this trophy and the rest of the ride with this club.

No matter what happens over the remainder of this season, this campaign has been a success. We are now playing with house money. Obviously, I want this club to win two more trophies this year, but a lot of times is it not more about the journey than the finish?

I’ve seen fans mention on Twitter that if FC Dallas doesn’t win another trophy this year, then this campaign would have been a failure. Do you realize how crazy that is? A small time club that won its first trophy, in two decades, isn’t good enough. I would argue that if you are in that mindset, then this club isn’t for you. If you want a full trophy case, then go support a team that spends millions and millions of dollars on their roster. Is it fun to support a team that is able to buy a title? For me, I would rather be apart of a club that builds it’s team organically, and is able to compete due to more of a blue collar mindset.

Like I mentioned earlier, I would love nothing more than for this club win MLS Cup every year. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. I don’t follow this club just because I want trophies. I follow FC Dallas because they are a club that I am proud of. They are a club that invests in the youth of our neighborhoods. They give opportunities to the players no else wanted, and they make it work.

It is our job to make sure that we are there to support them and do everything in our part to help them along this journey. If we come up short, it won’t be due to lack of trying. Remember, we are DTID no matter what. Hopefully there won’t be another 19 year gap between trophies, but if there is, we still have Tuesday night. Never forget that night, because it will go down as one of the biggest matches in this club’s history.