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Workhorse of the Week vs. Colorado Rapids

Well, that stunk. The home streak is officially over. Did any player stand out to you in a rough, boring, frustrating result at home? Come inside and vote.

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Congratulations to Ryan Hollingshead who earned a pile of votes for his performance in a big win against the Portland Timbers.

Let's turn our attention to Colorado.

Enough with the positivity but Saturday night was a tough one to take. Look, I understand the congestion of matches. I understand the importance of the Open Cup. But FC Dallas left the door wide open for Colorado and other teams to catch up.

This was a frustrating match to watch. It felt a little reminiscent of a bad Football Manager match, where a team with 10+ shots, many of them on goal, ends up losing. Colorado were content to sit back and make FC Dallas show some creativity to break through. With the lineup Dallas put out, it wasn't going to happen. The first half at least had the makings for a boring draw, which would have been something, but it took a series of errors, starting with Atiba Harris losing a ball, to create the opening Colorado needed.

In my opinion, Pareja got this one wrong. Yes, I agree that you got to rotate some players with the Open Cup on Tuesday, but if so, why don't you commit to that route? Why bring on Michael Barrios? Why bring on Mauro Diaz and Mauro Rosales? If you are willing to concede points at home, then throw out every sub you got to start things off. At least then, you can moan a little, but you've kept your playmakers fresh for a massive match that week.

Instead, Urruti, Tesho, Hedges, Zim, and David all went a full 90 ahead of a big match. Diaz, Barrios, and Rosales also gave a lot of minutes, desperately trying to find a way to score. There might be very heavy legs come Tuesday against a resurgent New England side. And New England just saw a blueprint for shutting down FC Dallas at home.

Earlier in the season, Pareja did a controversial thing playing a bunch of subs against a disappointing Seattle side. If Pareja wanted to rotate and rest some guys, why not go that route? Why not give Guillen, Ortiz, Lizarazo, Getterson, Craft, Norberto, and others the full 90, for better or worse?

Needless to say, the Shield is now in Colorado's control. They will probably still falter, and FC Dallas may be able to take control again with later big matches. But the margin got a lot thinner.

I'm not sure there was a Workhorse candidate for me in this match. What do you think? Am I being harsh (probably)?

By the way, I'll be flying into Dallas for the Open Cup match. If you see me, cheer me up. I need it.

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