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View from the East Stand: Tim Howard Confrontation?

It was a number of close misses, and a lot of brass instruments on Saturday night.

It was gorgeous weather Saturday evening in Frisco, with a light breeze coming in and the temperatures really dropping after a partly overcast day. The traffic getting to the stadium was fairly light, which was surprising as attendance looked to be pretty solid. FC Dallas was looking to seemingly wrap up the Supporters Shield chase with a win over its' closest contender, and hopefully grab what would seem like two trophies in one week. The sporting Gods had other plans however.

Closer to the Beer Garden

The stadium looked generally filled, although the west side was still a little disappointing. This match I sat nearer to the Beer Garden, and got to listen to the brass section of the stadium more than anything. Not sure if it's just my untrained ears, but it didn't sound like the instruments and the rest of the Beer Garden were ever in sync and sometimes sounded like they were at odds with each other. The one song that seems to sync up everything is 'Deep in the Heart of Texas', but by the 5th rendition of it in the 60th minute, I'm a little over it. Some synchronicity between the singing, drumming and horns would no doubt amount to something special, until then though, let's keep making noise at least!

There was apparently a scene that unfolded where the players enter the locker rooms near the Beer Garden as well. Tim Howard was walking towards the locker room with his head down until he heard something that didn't sit well with him. The keeper stopped, walked over to the barrier, and shoved it before going on his way. Apparently someone in the crowd said something to trigger the reaction, and after the game the Colorado Rapids shot stopper marched straight to the bus not stopping for any fan interaction. Needless to say, that one fan might have put Dallas on Howard's list of cities he doesn't like.

Not a Fun Game

Even with alcohol and trumpets blaring, this game was not fun to watch at all. Dallas seemingly had a few chances, but they were so scattered and far between that it really looked like two teams that had agreed to draw before the match even started. Then Colorado scored a goal and the game went from bad to worse. The crowd wasn't as impatient as in other games though. Groans were coming with misplaced passes but not as vocal as in other games.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: "Well played Rapids. Guess I'll have to pay full price for my chicken tomorrow."

Am I being too hard on the Beer Garden, or should they start getting together for some jam sessions in between games? Any one else happen to see what happened with Tim Howard and the fan? This has to be the only loss we'll take at home this year right? Let me know in the comments below!