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Scratching the Chalkboard: A Forgettable Evening

FC Dallas’ home unbeaten run comes to an end.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As the 2016 season unfolded, this was supposed to be the match that would draw the excitement between the top two contender’s for the Western Conference crown and the Supporter’s Shield. Instead, due to scheduling and injuries, both clubs came out timidly and we were treated to an absolutely forgettable night of soccer. While Dallas still has the advantage in the standings, the margin for error is now ever much smaller and FCD has to regroup quickly and set the eyes on winning the club’s first major trophy in almost two decades on Tuesday.

Get Her Who?

It is already tough to be a mid-season signing, but when the likes of the Seattle Sounders are able to bring in Nicolás Lodeiro and have him play at MVP type levels right off the bat, players like Getterson are often scapegoated for their sub-par performances. After a promising debut against the LA Galaxy in the Open Cup semi-final, Getterson has done absolutely nothing to show that he belongs on this team.

Some of it isn’t entirely his fault. FC Dallas is chasing trophies this year, and there is no wiggle room to experiment or to let these loanees settle in. They must perform and they must perform now. Otherwise, those minutes are better spent given to the Homegrown players who at least have a future with this club.

After four appearances, two starts and 152 minutes, I think it’s safe to say that Getterson doesn’t fit and I’d rather see Paxton Pomykal and Coy Craft be given a chance instead. In 45 minutes, Getterson gave us this staggering performance:

13 touches in 45 minutes with one shot attempt on goal. Of course Dallas opted to go down the left flank and through Ryan Hollingshead and Aubrey David, which is smart, but when it’s Atiba Harris running on the overlap behind you, you have to deliver more than this.

I’m still not ready to write him off just yet, but for now, no more starts for Getterson please.


This was a pretty brutal game of soccer to watch. If you have any friends who claim soccer is unwatchable, this would be the tape they would site as evidence. Oscar Pareja opted to rest his starters, assuming in favor of the US Open Cup Final on Tuesday, and Pablo Mastroeni went with a smart approach of high defensive pressure and counter.

Colorado pressed strongly as a unit and pressed high, sitting Dillon Powers on top of Victor Ulloa and Kellyn Acosta, making damn sure that neither of them had time to turn and pick their heads up to link the defense and the offense. The Rapids were determined to wait patiently, play tough defense and pick their chances when they came. Their passing charts in both the first and second half really showcased their patience going forward.

1st Half:

2nd Half:

Really, there was hardly anything threatening coming from the Rapids going forward with most of their passes doing directly vertical, making it easy for the Dallas defense to pick off.

But even after regaining possession, Dallas - without their midfield maestro, really struggled to get anything going to test Tim Howard and the Colorado defense.

Before Diaz:

After Diaz:

Dallas was chasing the game when Diaz came on, so it makes more sense that Dallas would dump more crosses into the penalty area. What’s damning is how little and ineffective Dallas was in their 4-4-2 setup and how reliant they were on Diaz to orchestrate things and for Barrios to make runs behind the defense.

All this will matter none if the Hoops can pull off a victory on Tuesday night. Win a trophy, and this match will be forgotten. Despite the loss, Dallas is still in control of the Supporter’s Shield race but all eyes are focused on Tuesday’s Final. The fans are desperate to see a trophy, what better way to reward them than to hoist the Open Cup in Toyota Stadium at 11pm on Tuesday night?