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What events would FC Dallas players participate in the Olympics?

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Naturally the sprints make sense for most players but who would try something else?

I don’t know about you, but around these parts, my household is in full Olympic spirit. I mean, what’s not to love (besides NBC’s endless coverage of commercials) when Tonga’s flag bearer comes out like this:

Do you have Olympic fever now?

But it did get me and some of the staff writers here thinking about what it would look like if FC Dallas sent their players to the Olympics to participate in sports that were not soccer.

I was just trying to stick with Track & Field (probably the most transferable) but some of the staff wanted to throw in more interesting events like Trampoline and the sort. But if you want to, feel free to add whatever event in the comment section too.

So here’s the basic run down. Below are several major Track and Field events. Pick all or some, or whatever you feel like answering and tell us which FCD player (currently on the roster/payroll - so technically Fabian Castillo is still eligible) would do well as an Olympian in the event.

Here are my picks:

100m - Fabian Castillo

200m - Michael Barrios

400m - Zach Loyd

800m - Tesho Akindele

1600m - Kellyn Acosta

4 x 100m relay (pick your team) - Fabian Castillo, Michael Barrios, Kellyn Acosta and Zach Loyd.

Half-Marathon - Atiba Harris

Marathon - Victor Ulloa

High Jump - Zach Loyd

Long Jump - Walker Zimmerman

Javelin - Zach Loyd

Shotput - Chris Seitz

Discus - Jesse Gonzalez

Obscure events:

Trampoline - Maxi Urruti


Taekwondo - Maynor Figueroa

Steeplechase - Ryan Hollingshead

Dressage - Mauro Diaz

hi, i’m fancy

Race-Walking - Mauro Rosales

What do you guys think? Does FCD have a secret Olympian on their squad?