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Update: Agreement is made on Fabian Castillo transfer has the latest on Castillo’s transfer.

MLS: FC Dallas at Seattle Sounders FC Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like Fabian Castillo will go to Turkey after all. is reporting that Trabzonspor, MLS and FC Dallas have finally reached an agreement that will send the young Colombian midfielder to Turkey. understands that FC Dallas and Trabzonspor have reached an agreement to conclude what has been a strange and awkward transfer saga. Castillo will remain with the Süper Lig team for the remainder of 2016 in exchange for a transfer free of approximately $3 million. In January, Trabzonspor will be on the hook for additional funds, otherwise Castillo’s rights will revert to Dallas.

The report also mentions that it is still unclear how much FC Dallas will be owed come January. In all the transfer fee is down from the $4 million that we had been hearing going into the week.

This whole deal still ends up being the weird layaway then sale type move. A move that still is perplexing both on paper and when read out loud.

Obviously the news isn’t 100% official but I would imagine we’ll see a press release from both sides by tomorrow. At this point you have to think FC Dallas and MLS will want to just get this wrapped up as much as they possibly can so everyone can move on.