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Goal Breakdown: How speed led to Michael Barrios’ brace

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Route one soccer at it’s finest.

FC Dallas’ win over the Houston Dynamo sparked what seemed like the return of Michael Barrios to the club’s scoresheet. Barrios went seven games without a goal this summer and only one goal in 13 previous games before his two goal outburst Saturday night.

As we like to do with big goals, it is time to break them down. Normally we’d do one goal but both of Barrios’ goals were worth a second look.

Up first is the got that got FCD in the lead for good against the Dynamo in the 60th minute. The ball was recovered deep in the Dallas defensive end where Carlos Gruezo found Maynor Figueroa on the wing, the veteran full back saw the potential for a long ball over the top of the Houston defense to Barrios and made it happen.

Just look once again at this long ball. It was perfection. The finish in the end was great too as Barrios got on the end of it, showing that there may not be a better finisher on FCD right now than him.

The second goal was another quick counter that showed how well FCD does in speed.

It all got started on a defensive clearance after a Houston free kick outside the penalty box.

Dallas did a great job to defend in numbers, which helped Tesho Akindele get the ball and push it nearly the length of the field.

The best part of this is the rec-league defense put on Akindele towards the end.

And as for that finish....

Yeah, that was some saucy stuff.