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Workhorse of the Week vs. Houston Dynamo

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Crush the Orange! FC Dallas stormed back from a goal down to stomp the Houston Dynamo. Great game! Come inside and vote for your pick for the Workhorse of the Week.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Chris Seitz for getting some love as our Workhorse of the Week winner against RSL. He remains one of the great stories of this season and a big reason FC Dallas is in the shape it is in.

Well, well, well...

That win was pretty satisfying. While the cannon won't be back home, we can take pride that FC Dallas went on the road to their nemesis the Houston Dynamo and figured out a way to come back and win. The goals were simply delightful. The performance of one Tesho Akindele off the bench was incredible. Michael Barrios earned his brace - he's back. This was a game that showed FC Dallas still has enough in the tank to go for the Shield.

While the schedule will slow down a bit, the team is going to have dig deep in every game from here on out.

How many more halftime adjustments does Coach Pareja have in him?

I'm keeping it short and sweet this time, because there's not much else to say. Three points on the road sure helps solidify that run for the Supporter's Shield. It also answers a few niggling doubts some of us fans have about this team's depth and ability to put it all together. Let's get Urruti going though, before we really see what this team can do.

If you need a pick me up this week, just put this on your playlist on repeat.

Vote below - who stood out to you as FC Dallas' Workhorse of the Week?