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View from the East Stand: Orange Crush

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Wow. Best away game of the season?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It was a hot Saturday night with a cool breeze trying its best to help out. The lead up to the game was mainly talking about the cannon and if FC Dallas will be able to do enough to retain the long held artillery piece. I was hoping to get another lopsided victory over the Houston Dynamo in their house like what gloriously happened last year, just to have the cannon fire for when we win the cup in a couple of weeks!

Houston Fans?

It was a big rivalry game, Saturday night and with Erick Torres actually getting some time in recently you'd think they'd garner a little bit more. Granted, their team isn't doing so well recently and there's definitely some rebuilding with a new coach, but not sure that they can talk about our fans walking out of the stadium anymore after that display.

The Houston fans were leaving the game once Michael Barrios scored his beautiful 2nd goal to put the good guys up 3-1. FC Dallas' twitter account was quick to jab at the development. Can't even imagine what our attendance would be like if we were going through a Houston-like stretch in performance.

What a Performance!

A loss, then a draw, then an emphatic win over our bitter inter-state rivals. This was how our long distance 3 game road trip panned out. If you'd had offered me this set of matches before the road trip I would've taken it gladly. Barrios is showing that he is more than capable of picking up the Fabian Castillo slack, and I'd dare to say his finishing is better than Castillo's was.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: "It's sad that they have more people leaving early than we have showing up for a game." That's a harsh self burn, but definitely not untrue.

Is there an away game that tops this one, or potentially will top this one? Does Houston deserve a soccer team? Has Barrios and Diaz put away any of your post-Castillo offensive worries yet? Let me know in the comments below!