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Update: Trabzonspor VP claims agreement has been made for Fabian Castillo

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It sounds and looks like a deal is almost done here.

MLS: Chicago Fire at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The never ending saga that is the Fabian Castillo to Turkey’s Trabzonspor has a new update. This morning one of the club’s VPs (Nevzat Aydin) tweeted out the following:

And then tweeted out the following:

This basically says that an agreement has been made.

We do know that Castillo’s representatives have been in New York all week, meeting with the league to work out a deal.

All in all it sounds like a deal is getting done despite both MLS and FC Dallas claiming that it was dead earlier in the week. Castillo hasn’t been in Frisco at all this week despite the claims that the team expected him to be back in preparation for tomorrow night’s CONCACAF Champions League game against Real Esteli FC.

I do still find it odd that MLS and FCD is allowing this to happen with a club that is reportedly dealing with financial issues. This whole thing has truly been a mess from start to finish and has quickly become one of the oddest transfer deals I’ve ever seen within MLS.

Stay tuned folks. We could either be dealing with this for the remainder of the week or even worse, until the beginning of September when the European transfer window closes.