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FC Dallas vs. Houston Dynamo - Match Predictions

It's a Texas Derby that has feelings of unease creeping across the BDS writers while predicting.

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El Capitan appears to be heading back to Houston (a moment of silence for our fallen brother), but I do not think Pareja and Co. care if they win this in similar fashion to the last time they visited Houston, 1-0 in stoppage time. Three points are crucial tonight and, as a result, many of our staff members are high on the hope that FC Dallas pulls one out of the bag tonight. They have to if they want a shot at the Supporters' Shield, right?

The only person who predicted a loss last week was Ryan. Hindsight is 20/20, but that was a game that FC Dallas deserved at least a point in. No matter, here are the updated standings:

Phil 35
Scott 33
Taylor 32
Nathan 31
Mohammad 29
Ben 29
Jared 29

Without further Freddy Adu, here are this week's predictions! Don't let the outrageous scores fool you. To me, that just indicates the heightened anxiety for tonight. Do you think we are being too optimistic on the road?

Name Result FCD HOU Comments
Andy Jaeger

Becky Chabot

Ben Lyon Win 2 0 No, screw you, Houston. YOU do not deserve a team in your armpit of a city. Mauro Diaz and Maxi Urruti say so.
Cody Gamond Win 6 0 Dallas wins El Capitán in surprising fashion as Houston crumbles. Goals are Urruti 2, Diaz 1, Barrios 1, Zimmerman 1, Acosta 1.
Drew Epperley Win 1 0 Tired legs from both sides show but in the end FCD gets a goal from Diaz on a free kick to win.
Jack Hazzard Win 2 0 FC Dallas control the whole game. Urutti will miss tons of chances but Diaz and Hedges will cover with the goals.
Jared Tilley Win 1 0 Another sluggish game where FCD doesnt have a lot of ideas. Mauro saves the day with a free kick goal.
Jason Poon Win 11 0 El Capitan stays.
Mohammad Bushnaq Draw 1 1 I have been predicting wins the last couple of weeks, so I think it is only fair that I predict a draw for this one. A hard-fought match ends with Diaz turning the switch back on for FC Dallas and grabbing a goal but the Dynamo press hard and break DTID hearts.
Nathan Hill Win 3 2 FC Dallas scrapes out a victory in a must win type atmosphere and collapse at the end of 90. Mauro Diaz, fresh off a little extra rest, gives his team the three points with two goals, one from a PK, and one assist. Pareja winks at "Cubo" Torres, and the Houston striker falls asleep dreaming of these haunting words "Busca La Forma".
Phil Luetchford Win 1 0 Neither attack has been full throttle lately. While I'm sure Dallas fans want to go for the 6-0 win to retain El Capitán, I bet that Papi would tell you he's content with 3 points against a Western Conference opponent. Urruti goal off a Diaz through ball in the 63rd minute.
Ryan Scalon Draw 0 0 Houston knock on the door but are unable to score. Unfortunately for Urruti, he sets an MLS record for number of shots off target in a single game. The game ends in a 0-0 draw and we say bye to El worries though, we'll be saying "hi" to some real trophies soon enough. :blush:
Scott Hiney Win 2 1 This is the least confident I’ve ever been in a prediction but something tells me the team isn’t going to play three (four if you count CCL) consecutive non-FCD-type games. Diaz and Barrios score.
Taylor Hester Win 6 0

FCD wins one mil to nil.

Edit: I changed one million to six because I needed a number.