DFW doesn't deserve a MLS franchise

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I think it's time for us to face a cold hard truth as fans of this team. DFW doesn't want us. All those people you thought were going to start coming to games and fill the house, just aren't coming. They've had two decades to do it (11 years in a soccer-specific facility). They'd rather go elsewhere for their entertainment. Sure, there are tons of soccer fans in the Metroplex. However, a Manchester United or Santos Laguna fan does not a FCD fan make. Sure. Signing Chicharito would help in the short run, but would that make fans love the club and make a long lasting relationship? I'm not so sure

We as FCD fans like to make up excuses for those people. They don't want to drive up the tollway because Frisco is too far, HSG won't sign a Mexican national teamer, or there's no roof are common mentions. But maybe none of that really matters. My buddy Braxtan Cooper used to drive from Tyler, TX and would be at almost every home game. I'm sure that wasn't easy, but if you want something bad enough, you'll drive through shitty traffic on DNT or sit in the pouring rain without a roof over your head.

A new wave of MLS is coming our way. Teams like FC Cincinnati are averaging 16,958 fans per game in THIRD DIVISION SOCCER. FC Dallas is averaging 13,884 fans in a diminished capacity stadium and are top of the league. You might say well Cincinnati doesn't have a professional basketball or hockey team and that's my point. MLS has done its best in those markets that aren't flooded with all professional teams. Hell, Atlanta United now have 22,000 season ticket holders and they haven't even kicked a ball yet. That's second in the league only to the Sounders. Even FC Chattanooga who plays in the NPSL (FOURTH DIVISION SOCCER) last August for the championship got 18,227 fans to come out.

Listen, nobody wants this team to succeed more than I do. That's why I complain and bitch about things because I want FC Dallas to be the best on the field, off the field, in every way. However, these new cities are coming and the standards are going up. Eventually expansion will stop and then the weaker franchises will be in the spotlight if they aren't already. We've had 20 years to prove that MLS can succeed in DFW. Will we get 20 more?

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