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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, August 23, 2016

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FC Dallas is in Nicaragua for tomorrow’s CCL game.

MLS: CONCACAF Champions League-Real Esteli FC at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Let the crazy week roll on as FC Dallas is in Central America, getting ready to take on Nicaragua’s Real Esteli tomorrow night.

// FC Dallas //

FCD vs RSL: The good and the bad | Big D Soccer

One more call on some recaps from Saturday night’s loss. For the majority of the game, FCD looked lost in the attack.

FCD trio wins championships with youth national teams |

I’m quickly starting to get on the FCD needs to sign Paxton Pomykal here pretty quickly. The FCD academy star was with the US U-18s over the weekend and scored a pretty ridiculous goal.

// MLS //

Rivalries heat up this week as the playoffs begin to come into focus |

Plenty of big rivalries this weekend, including FCD-Houston (something this post forgot to include). I do enjoy the fact that MLS works hard on getting their rivalries front and center here.

Decades of soccer culminate in Minnesota’s MLS entry | FourFourTwo

There was plenty of good stuff coming out of Minnesota last weekend and this was certainly a good piece. I love seeing the history of the city talked about with regards to the game.

Minnesota United: Name, details and more |

And here is even more info on the new MLS side. They do have some of the best colors in the league. Not to mention that logo. Please don’t mess with that logo MLS.

Portland owner argues MLS is a viable option for Wayne Rooney |

Sounds to me like Merritt Paulson knows who his next DP target is. I could see Rooney do well in Portland for some reason.

Drogba denies Villa rumors |

Montreal fans must be tired of the never ending rumors surrounding Didier Drogba but right now he is at least denying that Aston Villa isn’t a place he wants to go.

Divide and conquer: SKC’s approach to August | FourFourTwo

While SKC has a little more travel to deal with in their CCL trips, it is a good template for how to approach things while dealing with those extra games.

New DCU Stadium renderings | @DCUnited

Add these to the pile of renderings for this stadium. At least we know dirt is moving on it finally and it will actually happen.

Changes in Men’s soccer could finally hit NCAA | Washington Post

The full academic calendar change has been proposed for a couple years now and it seems like it may finally get done. That would be at least one small step for college soccer.