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View From the East Stand: Not Clicking

Everything just seemed a little off this entire game.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

It was a muggy day in Dallas, as rains poured all over DFW seemingly the entire week. Finally, some cooler weather coming in to help alleviate the notorious Texan heat, and the team is off on a long road trip. Thankfully this game was broadcast on our favorite FC Dallas channel, TXA 21! This game was frustrating to watch, as is most often the case when Dallas plays away.

Nothing Was Working

Man, even Mauro Diaz was pretty off this game. The whole team seemed disoriented from the altitude for some reason. It looked like something was going to happen, and then Tesho Akidnele (insert any Dallas player here really) misplaces the transition pass. We always seemed to be one pass away, and the couple of times it actually did click we were thwarted by Nick Rimando.

Real Salt Lake Crowd

Utah seems to like their soccer, the fans were out in force and vocal. The one thing I do not envy though is their RSL chants, but they have a good amount of original chants. Although their Battle Hymn song is possibly my least favorite soccer song in the world. Easily. Don't get me started on when there was an attempt to adapt this song to the US National Team. I do envy though that they have an original catchy song to sing.

Finally, your fan quote of the night: "Road game. It's the Dallas way."

Does anyone else like the RSL chants that they sing during the game? Who else felt like Dallas had something else on their mind while they were playing? Is the current TXA 21 broadcast team the best we've had for FC Dallas? Let me know in the comments below!