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Workhorse of the Week vs Vancouver Whitecaps

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The home unbeaten streak continues. FC Dallas gets a big 3 points to continue their assault on the standings. Which player stood out to you to earn this past week's Workhorse of the Week nod?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Matt Hedges for a narrow Workhorse win over Walker Zimmerman. Both players were deserving in a tough draw at Colorado.

Vancouver came to town last weekend on a hot, bitter day, and the Whitecaps melted in the face of FC Dallas' stout defense and withering offense.

Despite a Fabian Castillo saga that continues to take its fair share of twists and turns, FC Dallas held together for one of their more complete games of this season. Vancouver managed a few chances, but FC Dallas stood strong. Every member of the defense looked capable. Maynor Figueroa had a quiet and solid game at left back. Atiba Harris managed to not make any major mistakes and shined on the offensive end. Matt Hedges and Walker Zimmerman prowled the back line like the forces of nature they are.

On the offensive side, apart from a somewhat lackluster first half with missed chances, Maxi Urruti, Mauro Diaz, Michael Barrios, and Ryan Hollingshead took control. The scoreline could have been a bit higher. Carlos Gruezo and Kellyn Acosta have grown even tighter as a midfield team. All of this while missing Fabian Castillo in the midst of a transfer approach.

In the end, I got to recommend Kellyn Acosta for his turn as both chance creator and midfield mastermind. In many ways, he made up personally for the lack of Fabian Castillo on the offense end. Who else might you nominate and vote for?

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Follow Up Question:

- Does Fabian Castillo's return end the non-existent rumors of Kenny Cooper becoming our missing piece?

- How the heck does Pareja get Fabian back into the mix in the squad while preserving team unity and cohesion?

- Does this tweet win?