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FC Dallas vs Sporting KC: Game Grades

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After another big week of games, FC Dallas showed again that they are able to grind out results. FCD played 120 minutes in LA Wednesday evening and then had to fly home and get ready for a decent Sporting Kansas City team. A lot of fans will feel that that Dallas should have walked away from the game Saturday night with all the 3 points, but getting at least a draw really is a good result. Especially after a highly emotional win midweek.  Let’s see how the team graded out.

Maxi Urruti (B+) - Another one of those performances where he makes you want to pull your hair out and then ends up scoring a goal and making it alright again. Maxi has a gift of messing up the easy opportunities and capitalizes on the tougher ones. In the end, he walked away from the night with another goal, giving him the team lead at 7 and helped to secure another point on the evening.

Mauro Diaz (A) - Was pretty good again. He is probably in the best form of all his time here at FCD.  Aside from him taking more control in the midfield, his health has been great this year. Even with Sporting KC hacking him down in the midfield, Mauro was still able to bounce back up and keep going. He probably should have walked away with at least an assist on the evening, but that happens sometimes.

Michael Barrios (A) – Probably the most dangerous guy on the field in the first half. His runs were causing problems for the SKC backline and leading to the quality scoring chances. You do have to wonder if fatigue played any part to Michael not being able to convert on any of those opportunities. He is usually a guy that is able to slide a ball through, even on tight angles. Even though he didn’t end up 0n the scoresheet, he was still the most dangerous player on the night for FCD.

Getterson (B) - After a decent showing in his substitute appearance on Wednesday, the fanbase was pretty excited to see him in the starting lineup. Overall I feel like Getterson held his own. There were times when he was out of position or didn’t have any ideas of where to play the ball. It might be a little unfair to judge him too harshly on those since he has been with team for like three weeks. I am nervously excited to see what an in-form Getterson can do. He looks like a mix of Fabian and Tesho and that is really excited.

Carlos Gruezo (B+) – Overall, had a nice game. There were spurts through the match where it seemed the midfield was getting over run by SKC but Gruezo and Ulloa both seemed to buckle to down turn the tide back FCD’s way.  It’s always hard in back and forth matches to police the midfield. With the game moving as fast as it was, players can easily get caught out of position.

Victor Ulloa (B+) - Had a decent overall match. Like Carlos Gruezo, matches like Saturday's are really tricky for defensive midfielders.  There were a lot of times where the game was stretched. With Victor in the match though, you know he is going to be more likely to stay back instead of joining in on the attack. When he was in the match, he really helped to limit the service into Dom Dwyer. Overall, it was a nice match for the homegrown midfielder.

Matt Hedges (B+) - Another solid match for Matt. Yes, FCD gave up two goals, but both were kind of freak goals. On the first goal, Matt had the initial shot covered but didn’t realize that Dom would stop the shot and use it as a pass and wiggle free.  Other than the one lapse, he really did  played a nice match.

Walker Zimmerman (B) - It’s these games that the lack of Zach Lloyd really showed up. Against smaller, quicker strikers, you would probably like to see Zach in the lineup. On the second goal, Walker just wasn’t quick enough to keep up with Dom on the mishit of the ball.  Overall though, I thought Walker battled and held his own.

Maynor Figueroa (B+) - He continues to get stronger and stronger.  He has a lot of games on his legs already this year, but doesn’t look to be slowing up much. Whether he meant to put that cross where it went or not, it was perfectly placed and allowed FCD to secure a point on the evening. I was very hesitant of him at the beginning of the year, but he has been very good over these last two months.

Atiba Harris (B+) – A lot like Maynor, Atiba has definitely been trending upwards over these last couple of months.  He has his random lapses every once and awhile, but overall he is playing really well. His cross to Tesho was outstanding, splitting the two center backs. Now if only he could have put that header on goal in the 90th minute.

Chris Seitz (A) –  For a goalie who conceded two goals, he really did play a good game.  Both goals kind of left Seitz with no way of stopping the shot. Sometimes when you play quality strikers, they make things out of nothing and Dom Dwyer definitely did that. Chris still did enough to allow FCD to get a point.

Oscar Pareja (A) - Another great night for the head coach.  He had the guys up for the match after a 120 minutes and a flight back from LA on Wednesday. One of the more impressive aspects of this team’s run over the last couple of months is their ability to get refocused after big matches. Aside from the Seattle match, where Oscar didn’t play any of the starters, this team has bounced back nicely after emotional wins. A lot of credit has to go to Oscar and the leaders on the team for that.


Kellyn Acosta (A) - Came in as a sub late in the game to provide some fresh legs in the middle of the pitch. Once Kellyn came in, it seemed liked the game opened up. Him and Tesho’s ability to get forward really help with the offensive output that followed their arrivals into the match.

Tesho Akindele (A) - I think Tesho has been one of the most important guys on the team this year.  He has six goals on the year and has been able to fill in vacant spots without a drop off in form. I wanted him to hit that chip goal more than anything. Overall though, coming in and getting a goal right off the bat was awesome. Here’s to the most underrated player on the team.

Ryan Hollingshead (B+) - Came into the game late to offer some fresh legs to the action. Did a really nice job of closing down on the SKC midfielders and not allowing them a lot of space. There are times when his offensive prowess leaves a little to be desire. Saturday night was definitely one of those nights.

Overall it might be disappointing to not get all three points at home, but it was a good result Saturday night. I am not necessarily worried about the supporters shield title.  As long as FCD finishes 1 or 2, that is all that matters. With all the games coming up, I would rather have a healthy team going into the playoffs instead of running them into the ground to try to get the best record. On our best day, we are the best team in the league and I’m looking forward to this home stretch.

We have another big two weeks coming up. Real Salt Lake should be a feisty affair this weekend and will be a nice challenge. FCD then goes to Central America to play in CCL, which is always an adventure and then finishes up next week with a match against that team south of us.  Buckle your seat belts and enjoy the ride.  This is a great time to be an FCD fan!!  As always, your feedback is appreciated.