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Toyota Stadium upgrades to get scaled back, construction to begin soon

High construction costs are leading to some changes in the south end of the stadium.

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For anyone who drives up the Dallas North Tollway these days know there is a lot of construction going on both in Plano and in Frisco. Between the expansion of the road in Plano, the addition of Toyota’s corporate headquarters, to the “$5 billion mile” in Frisco, a lot is going on.

That also means construction costs are likely to be going up as a result with so many crews in work and able to bid for projects. According to a new report in the Dallas Morning News, that is what is happening to FC Dallas and the new National Soccer Hall of Fame that is under construction, leading everyone involved looking at higher costs and potentially a reduced design.

Work has been on hold for about a month after bids for the stadium's structural changes came in "at a head-scratching $511 per square foot," well above the $350 per square foot budget, FC Dallas president Dan Hunt told city officials on Tuesday.

Subcontractors are so busy, for example, that they need to bring in crews from out of state to handle all the work. Concrete prices have increased. The elevated structure designed for the new National Soccer Hall of Fame also drove up costs. Officials were looking at about $16 million more than planned before the re-design.

So yeah, $16 million before a re-design. Yikes.

The Hunts will pay anything above the projects $39 million price tag.

The club did release a brief statement this afternoon regarding this saying:

All seats are now closer in proximity to either the playing field itself or the Hall of Fame club space. The key component of the roofing structure and the two new clubs are still intact, and the lower level club has now been expanded to an even larger area than originally designed. The roofing structure has been redesigned to provide better cover from sun and rain.

We addressed fans’ concerns about accessibility to the Hall of Fame Museum itself by moving the museum onto the main concourse level, giving all fans easy access to the space on game days. All of our original plans for changes below concourse level have remained the same with upgraded locker rooms, a press area, new video boards, audio system and suites.

The final line of the statement states that construction will begin in the coming weeks so that they remain on schedule for 2018.

It is hard to really blame the Hunts, FC Dallas, or anyone else involved in this as right now we’re looking at a market that just dictates this. Sure, they could have expected it with how construction has been going in town as of late but that is a pretty large jump in price to potentially plan for when you really get down to it.