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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, August 16, 2016

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This week may drag on without a midweek game for FCD.

FC Dallas vs Sporting KC: Match Photos

It has been a little while since we had a week that didn’t include a midweek game. Time to savor that.

// FC Dallas //

FCD vs SKC: The good and the bad | Big D Soccer

Here is one of our recaps posted from last night as we dove into some of the good and not so good things from Saturday’s draw with SKC. Let’s just say that part of the bad may have had to do with some tired legs.

FCD begins touch stretch | Dallas Morning News

So yeah, like I said savor the light week here because it only gets tougher from here out. This weekend the club is in Salt Lake, then they go to Nicaragua for a CCL game before coming back to battle Houston next weekend.

Ulloa speaks to Soccer Today |

It is always good to hear some FCD guys get interviewed on local radio shows or even national ones when that happens.

Pareja believes in shared leadership | Lifestyle Frisco

A lot of you continue to ask why the captain armband moves around as much as it does. Well, Pareja offers up why he does it here in this piece.

// MLS //

Rookie Rankings: Who has Morris fever |

Part of me is a little bummed FCD doesn’t have a top rookie but at the same time, if you look at the clubs these players are with, a couple of them aren’t high in the standings.

Jeremy Ebobisse signs with MLS | Washington Post

Duke and USMNT U-20 forward Ebobisse apparently locked up a deal early with MLS for the 2017 draft yesterday. Pretty interesting that he’ll train with DCU or Richmond in the meantime since he is skipping his junior year.

Ebobisse is caught between MLS and college | 91st Minute

Yeah, this story is a bit strange but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a few more players like this in the coming year that aren’t affiliated with a MLS academy go this route.

Altidore heating up at the right time |

Oh Jozy, such an interesting player to watch. When he is hot, he is unstoppable but when he is not, you pretty much forget he is out on the pitch.

Kljestan making his claim as the league’s best No.10 | FourFourTwo

It is a pretty bold claim that people are making right now with Sacha Kljestan that he is the league’s best 10. But I also think it is even bolder that he hasn’t received a national team call in a while.