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Workhorse of the Week vs. Sporting Kansas City

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From a last gasp stunning win at Los Angeles in the Open Cup to a mixed bag draw at home, we have a lot to cover and consider for this week's Workhorse of the Week. Step in and vote to your heart's content.

Congratulations to our last Workhorse of the Week winner, Atiba Harris, for some gutsy performances. We took a week off last week due to vacation, so let's catch up a bit.

In our last match predictions, I nailed it. 2-2 sounded about right. Sure, the team had managed two late goals to stun the Los Angeles Galaxy at home, never an easy feat even if it was against a slightly weaker squad. From that emotional high and with the news made official that Fabian Castillo would not be back with the team, I expected a potential let down on Saturday night. It's just hard to not get worn out from travel, from expectations, from the turmoil, from the rumors.

On Saturday night, Sporting Kansas City played a solid game. At times, it looked like FC Dallas was in shape to dominate, but when your team can't put the chances away, the door remains cracked. That's all Dom Dwyer needed to create two solid goals off of some defensive clumsiness. The normally stout Walker Zimmerman showed signs of fatigue. It is a wonder that Aubrey David didn't get a shot to start.

Offensively, Mauro Diaz didn't have a particularly wonderful game. Is it time to shut him down and give him a rest for a game or two? Or is this just the late season struggles of fatigue, schedule, and roster turnover? The other pieces around him didn't help his case, whiffing on chances or missing opportunities. FC Dallas could have walked away with a comfortable score but instead scratched their way to a draw.

All in all, I'm fine with the result, but I'm curious if the average fan is? Was this one that we will look back on and rue the lost points?

I'll add a few more thoughts:

- Getterson made his first start. Good for him. He certainly shows some athleticism and energy. It's way too soon though, as you could also see that he struggled a bit at the level of physicality in MLS. Let's hope he can contribute sooner rather than later to ease the loss of Fabian Castillo.

- Why can't Maxi Urruti score the "relatively" easier ones?

- Did we miss Victor Ulloa's late game heroics? He got the start, which was probably the right decision, but near the end of the game, the team missed his "never say die" attitude, scrambling for something or the other to grab that go ahead goal.

Cast your vote below for the Workhorse of the Week.