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View from the East Stand: Agonizing Draw

Does anyone else feel like this game should've been 5-0 to us?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Finally a break in the heat this game as clouds gathered and mercifully brought the temperature down to a tolerable level. Fresh off an amazing Open Cup win in LA, this game was difficult to get motivated for. Thankfully, as the stadium got into view and the red and white shirts were trickling into the stadium with the drums beating, motivation steadily built as we found our seats. A sizable traveling contingent made its' way to the East Stand, bringing their respectful, yet sub-par cheers to the game.

Traveling Support

Sporting Kansas City always seems to bring the most traveling support of all our opponents. The Houston Dynamo travelers that would make their way up here have been largely absent this season, possibly due to the slumping performance of their team. Sporting KC though manages to always represent. There were several traveling fans all over the stadium, and fortunately for them they got to see their team take something away from Toyota Stadium which is very rare these days.

So Many Chances

Urruti!!! Come on man. This guy has an incredible work rate, great skills, and good general knowledge of the game but the clutch factor seems to be evading him a good portion of the time. This game could've been way more one sided if we hadn't had been as wasteful with the chances created. Barrios, Tesho, and Atiba all missed glorious chances to put this game more into our favor, or to steal something late. There were many hands on head moments in this game, it was just one of those games that we might look back on with regret if the SS comes down to a couple of points.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: "We're so sh** at finishing." Sums up this game unfortunately.

Anyone mingle with any of the Sporting Kansas City supporters traveling for this game? Who else thinks Urruti is pure joy to watch until he tries to put the ball on frame? Was anyone still thinking of the LA Galaxy game going into this one? Let me know in the comments below!