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FC Dallas vs Sporting Kansas City: Match Predictions

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas won't have much time to celebrate that come from behind, winner at the death victory against the Los Angeles Galaxy with Western Conference rivals Sporting Kansas City making a trip to Frisco tonight. Dallas is used to quick turnarounds like this, but not so much after a West Coast match that went into extra time. But despite all that, the staff do feel that Dallas will get out of this one victorious.

Here are the latest standings*:

Phil 35
Taylor 32
Scott 31
Cody 30
Mohammad 29
Nathan 27
Ben 27

*I am missing some data so this is not a complete updated rankings.

How do you think the team performs tonight? Sound off!

Name Result FCD VAN Comments
Andy Jaeger

Becky Chabot

Ben Lyon Win 2 1 3 games in 10 days isn't the end of the world for these grinders. They're in that sweet spot of youth and experience where they get a positive result here despite a less than stellar effort. Goals for Urruti and Hollingshead.
Cody Gamond Win 3 0 At home and after a poor performance, Mauro Diaz takes some inspiration from Gio and bags a goal and a pair of assists. Urruti and Hollingshead are the other scorers.
Drew Epperley

Jack Hazzard Win 2 0 Dallas will come out sluggish and lethargic but an early goal from Zimmerman on a setpiece will give FCD life. SKC will be their typical chippy self, allowing Dallas to dictate the game. Urutti will add a second goal in the later stages of the game.
Jared Tilley Win 2 1 Goals by Urruti and Barrios. FCD starts strong and gets a 2 goal lead. They hold on late for the victory and another 3 points
Jason Poon Win 2 1 Tesho gets things going and Getterson opens his FCD account.
Mohammad Bushnaq Win 2 1 This is one of those games where it's kind of ugly but FC Dallas finds a way. Getterson gets his first goal and Barrios adds a second for the good guys.
Nathan Hill Draw 2 2 All even after FCD runs out of gas a bit in the 2nd half. An emotional letdown of sorts. But the team preserves a point after a halftime talk when Pareja shows the team the new Rogue One trailer to get them hyped.
Phil Luetchford Win 2 1 The focus on set pieces clearly paid off in LA. I think Zim gets a goal off a set piece in this one. SKC will keep it close, especially because FCD played a midweek game. The score will be 1-1 going into the 75th minute when Ryan Hollingshead, resurgent after a poor showing in LA, finishes a Michael Barrios cutback from the endline.
Ryan Scalon Win 2 1 This team has given up 31 goals this season, granted two were blow outs, but I don't see them keeping a clean sheet against a talented SKC attack force. Fortunately though, I do see them scoring more than the other team.
Scott Hiney

Per the agreement of our loan policy with FC Dallas' front office, Scott Hiney will forfeit his predictions until the loan comes to an end.
Taylor Hester