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View From the East Stand: The East is Lava

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Wow. Hope you brought your sunscreen and sunglasses to this one, cause it was a scorcher.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It was a miserably hot day in Frisco, with just a slight breeze showing a little mercy. Our beloved Blas Perez returned with another ex-FC Dallas player in Andrew Jacobson as both were in the starting XI for the opposing team with the former receiving an ovation from the crowd upon his substitution. The crowd was there, but it was hard to gauge the real attendance with the exodus of people from the east side. There were hardly any Vancouver Whitecaps fans, but who can blame them with the searing temperature outside.

Literally Lava

Not sure if you've heard, but this was almost to the level of the NYRB game the past year. If you happened to have accidentally bought a ticket to anywhere but the west side of the stadium, you were getting the full punishment from the sun this entire game. Wiping sweat from your brow every five minutes wasn't exactly the most fun, but the breeze that was coming in helped slightly. The first half wasn't worth the heat, but the second half definitely proved to be the hotter one. In terms of goals anyway.

The Great Migration

Many people from the east side migrated over to the west side though (me included), and found seating in what's usually a pretty empty side of the stadium. It didn't look good for the TV, but not sure that it mattered to those that managed to unstick themselves from their seats and walk their sunburned-selves over. Those who stayed, I can only imagine were melted into their seats, becoming one with the stadium.

There just a family of Whitecaps supporters in the visitors section, with maybe four or five scattered elsewhere from what I saw. The visitors section eventually got swallowed by FCD supporters looking to escape the sun's oppression. The weather, coupled with their team giving them hardly anything to cheer for makes me think it wasn't the best of times for the traveling support.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: "I don't like the fireworks in daytime mommy, only the fireworks at nighttime." Cute little girl expressing her opinion on the FCD goal celebrations.

Anyone else migrate from the east side to the west side during half time? Who clapped for Blas Perez as he was being substituted out? Did you get melted into your seat and are reading this from Toyota Stadium? Let me know in the comments below!