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Three ways FC Dallas can win in San Jose

Will we see another defensive stand between these two sides?

FC Dallas vs San Jose Earthquakes: Match Photos

Looking to continue their four-game win streak, FC Dallas will travel to San Jose to take on the Earthquakes in a Western Conference clash. Dallas, who currently rest first in the Western Conference, will look to defeat an underwhelming and underperforming San Jose squad.

Past meetings between the two sides resulted in boring draws that saw little to no action. If FC Dallas is hoping to continue their winning ways, they should follow these three hints to ensure victory.

1. Keep Up the Pace

As many MLS fans know, the San Jose Earthquakes are a notorious club who look to possess and slow down the game. As a team, they move the ball around until they are able to find an opening in the oppositions’ defense, which they then exploit. However, one issue with constant possession is the idea that it leaves your defense vulnerable during counter attacks.

If FC Dallas is able to limit their mistakes at the back as well as allow San Jose to control possession, they should look to create their attack through their two pacey wide men, Fabian Castillo and Michael Barrios.

As seen in the past, every time a ball is lumped over San Jose’s defense’s heads, especially Victor Bernardez, the Earthquakes either look to foul or play catch up, allowing either FC Dallas winger to break out for a one-on-one situation with San Jose’s goalkeeper, David Bingham.

2. Stay Focus Until the End

An interesting stat about the San Jose Earthquakes is that their last four goals, which span over seven matches, have all been scored from the 80’ minute and beyond, suggesting that the Californian club strikes at the end of each match.

Because of their possession driven style, San Jose exhausts their opposition, leaving the team tired and vulnerable in the end. This tactic allows for San Jose to creep in last second in order to score against a zoning-out opponent.

If FC Dallas hopes to beat this, they should keep the defense alert at all times, potentially subbing their backline in order to keep it fresh and secure.

3. Grab an Early Goal

Another fascinating stat about the Earthquakes is their inability to come back after being down early. In their previous five matches, when San Jose allowed the first goal, they were unable to come back and grab a win, however, occasionally, the California side was able to snatch a draw.

If FC Dallas is able to grab that early goal, they would be able to shock their Western Conference opposition, allowing Dallas to freely play their own attacking style.