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Transfer Rumor: Striker Giulio Ebagua linked to FC Dallas

Could this be the striker target FC Dallas is looking for?

SS Juve Stabia v AC Spezia - Serie B Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images

The transfer window opened this week for Major League Soccer clubs for the summer. FC Dallas already got one move checked off by getting defender Aubrey David on loan. Now the next big move that we know of it signing a striker.

Our staff scouted the web for which striker FC Dallas technical director Fernando Clavijo may be after and our pals at The 19th Minute Podcast uncovered this tweet from last week showing that striker Giulio Ebagua is linked with FC Dallas.

On the surface this sounds like a decent striker. BDS scouting guru Edin Halilovic pulled these numbers up on the the Nigerian-born striker.

2012/13 (Varese - Serie B): 37 games, 18 goals, 1 assist

2013/14 (Spezia - Serie B): 38 games, 16 goals, 3 assists

2014/15 (Spezia/Bari - Serie B): 31 games, 6 goals, 3 assists

2015/16 (Como/Vicenza - Serie B): 35 games, 8 goals, 3 assists

That's 50 goals and 10 assists in 141 games over the last four years with good experience in Seria A with clubs like Torino and Catania.

Ebagua seems like an interesting fit for FC Dallas given his size but I do find it hard to believe a player from Europe will work here, much less even come here. But I’ve been wrong about these things before.

Clavijo did state that this striker would be one that would compliment Maximiliano Urruti. So a big striker that can get on the end of crosses seems to be the idea here.

What do you all think of this rumor? Disappointed it isn’t a bigger name?