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View from the East Stand: Cracking Win

A warm evening in Frisco with a slight threat of rain saw FC Dallas play a magnificent game.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The traffic was not fun, and the parking for the fireworks show definitely helped congest downtown Frisco even more as families gathered not just for the game but for the biggest fireworks show in North Texas (In what measure?)! Kaka was making his long awaited debut at Toyota stadium, where other legends such as Andrea Pirlo, David Villa, Landon Donovan and Julio Cesar have also played. The draw of Kaka and the fireworks definitely brought the crowd out as it looked a sold out crowd.

No Press from Orlando

What was most shocking throughout the game is the fact that Orlando didn't really watch any game tape on how to beat FC Dallas. The way to beat FC Dallas is to press, just constantly, even the slightest pressure will throw off our plans. Instead it looked like the Orlando players were content to watch as Mauro Diaz sat uncontested in midfield, able to pick off passing to the runs our guys were making against their backline. It was fun to watch as an FC Dallas fan, but can't imagine how the Orlando fans felt.

Kaka Fans

Surprisingly few that were outwardly showing their support for the former Real Madrid man. From our count we only spotted 4 AC Milan jerseys, 3 Brazil jerseys, one Kevin Durant jersey and a Sao Paulo jersey. Unfortunately those few supporters only got to see him for 45 minutes as he was subbed out at halftime after putting in a lackluster shift that saw his greatest contribution be his corner kicks in front of El Matador.

The Beer Garden did two things this night that were noteworthy. One was the tifo in the 49th minute to commemorate the 49 victims in Orlando recently. That was an awesome gesture from them and was a very nice tifo. Credit to whoever made that! The 2nd thing they did was start the Icelandic Viking clap. While it was amusing, and admittedly  the Mexican wave got boring, I hope we don't try and do it in a serious manner. Doesn't Seattle already do something like that?

And finally, your fan quote of the night: "Long balls to Brek Shea, I remember those days." - Orlando being a few years behind us.

Who all went to watch the fireworks this past Monday night at FC Dallas stadium? Did anyone get a photo with Kaka when he came out way earlier than everyone else to the bus? Who else thought this game looked like amateurs vs professionals? Let me know in the comments below!