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Big D Daily: News for Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day everyone!

Today is Independence Day here in the States. FC Dallas will be in action later tonight against Orlando and in the mean time we have some links to get into.

// FC Dallas //

July is a busy month for FC Dallas | Big D Soccer

Seven games on the schedule is a lot to take in but if FCD can get through this month with a fair amount of points, we could be looking at a good spot for the post season again.

Shea excited to return back to Dallas | Dallas Morning News

For the first time we get to see Brek Shea in a different uniform here in Frisco. I'm definitely curious to see how the crowd reacts to him tonight.

FCD looks to continue unbeaten form at home | Dallas Soccer News

The home unbeaten run is getting to be an impressive one but Orlando is a challenging team that will make it interesting.

Ten things to know about tonight's game |

Between the fireworks and the game, there is a lot to take in tonight at Toyota Stadium.

// MLS //

Transfer window to-dos for each club |

I am digging the idea that is suggested here for FC Dallas. I definitely think they need to use the TAM this summer to buy down someone's contract, probably Fabian Castillo and get a big time striker.

Harrison shines in NY derby win |

Rookie Jack Harrison is finally starting to make a name for himself with NYCFC and it certainly showed yesterday in the derby win over the Red Bulls.

MLS is not the same league Howard left |

MLS is a far, far cry from what it was when Tim Howard was last seen in it.

Who can replace Adrian Winter in Orlando | The Mane Land

One Orlando player that won't be there tonight in Winter, who departed from the team late last week.

Crying Jordan MLS logos | The Brotherly Game

I'm so over the crying Jordan meme but this one did make me laugh a good bit.

Youth clubs file lawsuit against MLS Players Union and several players | Vice

Keep some tabs on this story folks, its definitely one that is developing and could be huge as it goes on.