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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, July 28, 2016

The league's All-Star game is tonight against Arsenal.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The annual All-Star Game is tonight out in San Jose, will you tune in?

// FC Dallas //

Castillo has his physical in Turkey | Big D Soccer

Fabian Castillo is almost as good as gone here as he got through his physical in Turkey. No word on if he failed it for some odd reason.

Turkish fans literally carry Castillo on their shoulders | Fox Soccer

I think the folks in Turkey are excited.

Luchi Gonzalez on the club's academy success | Soccer Wire

I missed this piece the other day but its still worth the read this morning. We know how good the academy is here in Dallas and thankfully more people around the country are taking note of what FCD is doing here.

Depth tested in tough stretch |

Eight games in 29 days is usually brutal for any club to deal with but considering how FCD managed to go 6-1-1 in that stretch, you have to feel pretty good about where things are going with this group.

Gonzalez stars for the HGP team |

Jesse Gonzalez started in goal last night for the league's Homegrown team. He did well for the most part in the 2-0 loss to the Mexican U-20s but he did let in a pretty bad goal before halftime.

// MLS //

Scouting three from the HGP game |

Here is a break down of three up and coming HGPs in the league. And no, they aren't from FCD.

Fan vote shows the league is moving forward |

Normally I hate the fan vote for ASGs but I do have to admit that it was nice to see some fresh young faces earn votes this time around. I know certain teams stuff ballots but to not have some of the usual names on there does show progress. It still has a long way to go though.

Which All-Stars to watch tonight |

Thankfully the bigger names aren't on this list and we're talking some of the younger players that are included in the ASG.

Walcott claims level of MLS is rising | FourFourTwo

I'm always intrigued when foreign clubs come over to the States in the summer and get asked the age old questions of how they think MLS is doing, if it is growing and that sort of thing. Theo Walcott gives the usual response to those questions.

What went wrong between Sigi and Seattle? |

There was definitely some issues towards the end. I still point back at how the team didn't truly improve over the offseason outside of landing Jordan Morris.

Did Seattle wait too long to fire Sigi? |

In some ways, yes. I would imagine it could have happened sooner had FCD not played reserves that one night and beat the Sounders in their building.

Giovinco tops Drogba for Week 20 POW |

It was a battle of hat tricks in last week's POW race. You can see how I voted here.

Scoring solutions needed for DCU to make the playoffs | Black and Red United

I would imagine there are a few teams out there that are looking at their attack as the problem going into the back half of the season.