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Quick Burns: Would you want Clint Dempsey in Dallas?

Our staff gives their take on whether or not Dempsey would be a good fit here.

MLS: FC Dallas at Seattle Sounders FC Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The last week here has been interesting for FC Dallas fans. From beating rivals Houston in the US Open Cup quarterfinals to the news that Fabian Castillo was on his way out of town to Turkey, it has been an up and down week to say the least.

Now there are reports that Texas native Clint Dempsey is unhappy in Seattle. According to Charles Boehm of Soccer Wire, there was massive unrest in the locker room up in Seattle, even before the firing of Sigi Schmid yesterday.

So now that we have an open Designated Player slot coming our way once Castillo is officially gone, would you take a risk on bringing in Clint Dempsey? Our panel weighs in their thoughts.

Ben Lyon - Passing for now

I’m a huge fan of ‘Deuce’, and I think he’s still got some gas in the tank. That said, he’s very expensive, and I think he and Mauro would end up getting in each others way. He wouldn’t provide the same goodies from the wing that Fabian Castillo did, and he probably would end up being something of a defensive liability. I’d much rather the team make a play at getting Joe Gyau on loan. If he could stay healthy, he’d be the perfect short-term (perhaps long-term) replacement for Fabi. Had Mauro been shipped to Turkey, I’d probably have a different answer. For now, I’ll pass.

Cody Gamond - A fan but he’s not the right fit

I've always been a fan, and Deuce is similiar to Blas Perez in a few ways. He is a Texan and a national team star. He would score a few goals and fill the stadium in the process. I don't think he would be a perfect fit here, he doesn't suit our play style perfectly.

That said, I don't think we are going to find a perfect replacement for Castillo this window if we get anyone at all. If the FO sprung for Deuce on a short 1-2 year contract I'd take him. There are better options, but I doubt Dallas gets them before winter.

Mohammad Bushnaq - He’d be the #9 we’ve wanted

You all keep clamoring for a #9 so why not jump on this? It would be a good marketing get as the hometown kid returns. Depends on who you give up and his contract, but if it really is a decent deal, I am all for it. He would probably put butts in seats and would show some fans that the Hunts are willing to spend money on North American players as well as South American. Bringing him back to Texas to work with the Magician for a little while might not be a bad plan after all. Don’t tread on this.

Becky Chabot - Just no

No. Just no. There’s no doubt that he’s a quality player, but his attitude is one that would disrupt team morale. We aren’t a team with the biggest names, but there's a chemistry there I don't want to mess with. Plus, officials already seem to hate FCD, so I have no desire to give them a reason to get frustrated with us. Deuce spends too much time whining and complain long to officials for my taste and his legs aren't what they once were. It's a hard no for me.

Jason Poon - Let someone else replace Castillo

Since it’s politics season around here, I’m going to draw from my favorite political candidate that I wish I could vote for.

Give the minutes to a Homegrown; Alex Zendej... wait... nevermind. Though there are a few players that we’ve been clamoring for before (Hi Timo Pitter fans) that I wouldn’t mind getting a run of minutes: Coy Craft, Timo Pitter, Agustin Jara, Carlos Lizarazo and newly acquired Getterson. Pass on Dempsey, play the kids.

Drew Epperley - Nah, I’m good

If you had asked me two months ago, I would have said sure but for now I am good with where things are with this team. Yes, I know Fabian Castillo is on his way to Turkey and there is no viable replacement in sight but I’ve long learned this season to just trust in what Oscar Pareja and Fernando Clavijo are building here.

Plus I’m pretty sure this would be Jurgen Klinsmann’s reaction, which I agree with in this rare case:

There is our take on this matter, what do you all think? Would you want Dempsey on this team if Seattle offered to pay most of his current salary?