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Scratching The Chalkboard: One Point, Please

Fabian Castillo, please come back!

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots-Shots-Shots

The Colorado Rapids took nine shots, which is not that many. However, seven of those were from in the box and in front of goal, so they were from good locations. Not bad for a team taking the most difficult shots in the league this season.

Colorado shots (Green - on target, Red - off target, Soccer ball - goal, Yellow - blocked)

FC Dallas took more shots, 16 to be exact. But most of those shots were from outside the box. The team is typically good at getting shots closer to goal. Was it the absence of Fabian Castillo dribbling toward the endline and into the box? Or was it the lack of Maximiliano Urruti running off the ball to pull defenders out of shape?

Dallas shots (Green - on target, Red - off target, Soccer ball - goal, Yellow - blocked)

Tim Howard was excellent in this game, so the decision to let nine shots fly from outside the box is a head-scratcher. We cannot rely on Victor Ulloa to hit another "absolute firecracker" from way out, but luckily he earned us a valuable road point against a top-of-the-table foe in this contest.

Dallas dribbling downgrade

For a team that usually beats a defender with the ball six to ten times a game, having only one successful dribble all game is a shocker. Note how far away from goal the attempts are, too. Fabi, please come back!

Dallas dribbles (Green - successful, Red - unsuccessful)

Michael Barrios attempted four dribbles and failed at each one. Atiba Harris was next on the list with two attempted dribbles, which is not what he should be doing. Only Mauro Diaz, Tesho Akindele, and Kellyn Acosta were the other players to attempt to dribble with one attempt each. I suspect that altitude was a factor in the decision to not try to beat defenders with pace.

Not much else stood out in a game that went about as expected and was decided on a defensive lapse and a stunning strike.