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View from the East: Wylie Represent!

I've made no secret about my love for Victor Ulloa, we're both from Wylie after all.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It was a warm Saturday evening, and it was time to watch the #1 team visit the #2 team. Oscar Pareja's old team vs his new...old team....As you hit "21" on the remote and grab whatever you fancy as a drink, and refresh your Twitter to check and see if there was any more news about the Fabian Castillo transfer saga that has been all over MLS/FCD news feeds. The game delay was a little anti-climatic, but it almost added even more suspense. It was a nervy game going in, but the fact that Jermaine Jones was not playing brought hope.

Just One Boneheaded Mistake

It was a good game with chances at both sides, and plenty of people to yell at (looking at you Atiba Harris). You never clear to the inside, and yet here was Atiba clearing inside. It was frustrating to watch, but then you start to remember that Atiba Harris is a converted fullback and that he also played striker when these two sides met in the MLS finals all those years ago.

Otherwise, this was an awesome game to watch as opposed to some of the more boring games we've seen on the television. A possibility to seal it at the end, and that was that. A point from our current supporters shield rivals from their house. All in all, successful and fun game.


Victor Ulloa to save the day. The Wylie native finally gave us a big, long-range reason to cheer for. Absolutely out of nowhere, and it really did seem like FC Dallas was going to fall to just one boneheaded mistake at the back. Putting Wylie, Texas on the map with that thunderstrike!

Finally, your fan quote of the night: "Followill was channeling his inner Icelandic commentator on that goal". Dude went insane once that goal was scored.

How insane did you react when Ulloa's strike went past Tim Howard? Did you yell continuously at Atiba Harris and others throughout the night? Who else is represtin' Wylie? Let me know in the comments below!