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Goal breakdown: A second look at Victor Ulloa’s thunder strike against Colorado

Who knew Victor Ulloa could do a strike like that?

There are always goals that define portions of the season. Ones that help end a losing streak or a goalless draught. Then there are those that come in a tough environment against a quality team. Victor Ulloa’s goal on Saturday against the Colorado Rapids wasn’t just timely, it likely will have a lasting impact on this season for FC Dallas.

First off, lets look at the entire play:

Once again we see that FCD used their counter attack speed to catch the Rapids late in the game. The ball was played up perfectly to Michael Barrios on the left side of the field. The Colombian wisely pushed the ball into the box but his shot as we all know would be deflected out to Ulloa.

And well...he did the rest.

Just the bend and curl on that ball was impressive to say the least. Not something you’ve come to expect out of the Dallas Homegrown.

You may not see it in the first couple replays but Tim Howard does get a finger to it but given the pace of the strike, he had no chance at it. His reaction to the goal sums it up well too.

Hell of a strike by Ulloa at a time that the club certainly needed it.