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Report: Trabzonspor increases their offer for Fabian Castillo

Does the new offer mean Fabian Castillo will leave?

MLS: Real Salt Lake at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Fabian Castillo transfer rumors never seem to truly go away and the latest one appears to be a doozy.’s Ives Galarcep is reporting that Turkish club Trabzonspor has put in a new offer on Castillo in the $3-4 million range.

Fabian Castillo has been eyeing a move to Europe for some time and though FC Dallas has aspirations of winning the club's first MLS Cup title, the Colombian winger doesn't want to stick around for that — making a transfer inevitable.

Castillo is on the verge of having his wish for a move granted. Dallas is putting the finishing touches on a sale to Turkish club Trabzonspor for a transfer fee in the neighborhood of $3 million to $4 million, sources confirmed to Goal USA on Friday.

Dallas is believed to have been weighing up a handful of offers for the 24-year-old, but Trabzonspor has emerged as the favorite for his services.

You all may remember about a month ago the Turkish outfit was rumored to offer around $1-2 million for Castillo.

Big D Soccer has reached out to the club and have gotten a big “no comment” statement in return. There is no word yet if he traveled this weekend to Colorado with the club either.

We all know Castillo has had an up and down year and even the higher end of this rumored money is still lower than what FC Dallas had previously stated they’d sell him for. But we could be seeing Castillo or his agent pushing more for the transfer despite the price tag similar to what we’ve seen in the past with players like Brek Shea when he was sold to Stoke.

We’ve talked in the past about how the club has stated they want a certain amount for selling him when the time comes. But I think with recent changes in the Mexican leagues for roster spots for foreign players, the chance for the club to get top dollar for Castillo took a dip.

Then there is the dip in his play this season, at least up until recently. He isn’t leading the team in goals or assists, which means he is also no where near the top ten in the league in both categories. Fact is, lower production also means a lower price tag on him.

The timing sucks too for this kind of move. FC Dallas is close to entering in another busy part of their season with the CONCACAF Champions League group stage games kicking off next month. And while they’ve added a piece or two so far this summer, we have no way of knowing how good someone like Getterson will be in terms of helping out to replace Castillo.

In all, this has been a trouble spot for Dallas all year. We know the defensive depth has been questionable, so has the striker depth. But I’ve long stated that there was no true backup that could step in for Castillo on the day that he was sold. Not to mention no one can truly replace what he does on the field in the attack outside of maybe Michael Barrios but let’s be honest, Barrios is no Castillo

Now, while this rumor seems to have more legs to it than others in the past, we also know Trabzonspor have been super active lately after their disappointing finish last season. Alexi Lalas even pointed this out earlier today:

In other words, they are a club desperate for quality young attackers and they’re trying to raid the MLS pantry.

What do you all make of this news? Disappointed that it could happen here before we hit our first Champions League group stage game? Think FC Dallas can find a Designated Player replacement this summer?