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FC Dallas vs. Colorado Rapids - Match Predictions

Perhaps the biggest game of the year? Not many win predictions from the writers today.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

That win on Wednesday was very satisfying given the starting lineup we rolled out and the fact that it was Houston after all. I am very intrigued to see what the lineup looks like today for arguably the biggest match of the year so far.

Last week, a couple of us were able to accurately predict the 3-1 victory at home, vaulting us to the top of the standings while Taylor's indifference to match predictions continues to cost him his lead.

Here are the updated staff standings:

Mohammad 28
Taylor 28
Phil 27
Scott 27
Cody 25
Nathan 25

How do we think tonight's clash a mile high will end? Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

Name Result FCD COL Comments
Andy Jaeger

Becky Chabot Draw 1 1 The best teams in MLS stay the best teams, with both goals coming late in the second or in stoppage time.
Ben Lyon Draw 1 1 A full line up at midweek means this team probably tires and gives up a late equalizer.  Give me Akindele as the goalscorer off a penalty earned by Barrios.
Cody Gamond Win 2 1 Barrios gets us started, an equalizer for colorado, and a late game winner from Fabian Castillo.
Drew Epperley Loss 0 1 The travel, altitude and tired legs get to Dallas as Colorado does what they do best, score late.
Jack Hazzard Win 2 0 Unexpected energy from Dallas results with goals from Urruti and Castillo. Possession split evenly with Tim Howard doing most of Colorado's work. Chris Seitz teaches Howard a thing or two!
Jared Tilley Loss 1 2 FC Dallas starts fast and getting a goal from Michael Barriors. They end up fading in the second half and end up losing the lead and the 3 points.
Jason Poon Draw 2 2 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Mohammad Bushnaq Win 2 1 FC Dallas puts the right foot forward on the road with a stunning counterattacking victory at Colorado. Barrios and Akindele are the goalscorers.
Nathan Hill Draw 5 5

A wild one in Colorado as both teams deal with GK issues when both GKs are given red cards for getting into a slap fight before the game. Teams trade goals and a late stunner by Castillo earns a point. The slap fight goes viral, and Tim Howard and Chris Seitz are forced into anger management training as punishment.

Phil Luetchford Draw 1 1 We know that Dallas is the better team, but with all the starters except Matt Hedges playing midweek, I'm just hoping for a draw. Urruti grabs a goal. Look for me behind the Dallas bench with the away jersey and a Texas flag!
Ryan Scalon Draw 1


Hedges gets a set piece score but Jermaine Jones does what Jermaine Jones does. Honors even this time.
Scott Hiney

Per the agreement of our loan policy with FC Dallas' front office, Scott Hiney will forfeit his predictions until the loan comes to an end.
Taylor Hester Draw 1 1 Zimmerman scores on a set piece. Colorado scores a goal.