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View from the East Stand: Viking Clap Team?

It was a warm clear summer night in Frisco, as FCD looked to forget there even was a midweek game.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Finally game day, and the fun drive to Frisco was made. This time through downtown as the tollway has become unbearable. Trying to squeeze a whole highway into one lane? The downtown path to the stadium is usually much clearer and a smoother drive overall. The crowd was out in force thankfully, and I guess we're the thunder clap team now? There were some gorgeous goals in this match, definitely was one of the games of the season if you wanted to see pretty goals in person.

The Crowd

The crowd was great, which took me by surprise as Chicago doesn't have any mega-stars and they haven't been doing particularly well this year. The away fans were few, but there were Cubs fans spotted throughout, as the Cubs whooped us 2/3 games this past weekend.

I guess the viking thunder clap chant is officially adopted by FC Dallas supporters now? During the Euros, all the press Iceland was getting definitely seemed to give the chant enormous popularity. Even though soccer teams across the globe have been doing the "clap your hands above your head in unison" chant for years now, it's suddenly Iceland's trademark. As for FCD supporters doing it now, anything to get away from my least favorite chant, The White Stripes' 'Seven Nation Army' chant...

Nearly Perfect

Could you pick a player that played poorly? To be fair though, Chicago seemed to be resting a number of starters for their Open Cup game. After RSL did it, this looks to be at least the 2nd time an opponent has come to Frisco fielding a sub roster instead of their strongest 11. With the open cup in full swing and CONCACAF matches starting up, we might be seeing this more often as FC Dallas continues with their amazing unbeaten run at home. Teams coming in here with absolutely no hope!

And finally, your fan quote of the night: "OH GOD DID YOU FREAKING SEE THAT?!" Top of their lungs, right when Mauro's shot went in off the post.

Who all went to the game this past Saturday? Anybody participate in our new favored chant? Do you prefer the tollway still, or maybe coming in through downtown so one doesn't even have to touch the highway? Let me know in the comments below!