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Watch: Fabian Castillo’s ridiculous rabona pass to Maxi Urruti

Castillo just makes players look silly in this league.

Normally we would break a FC Dallas goal down a couple days into the week but this one last night from Fabian Castillo was too good not to dive into quicker.

We’ve seen Fabian Castillo attempt the rabona pass multiple times this season but this is the first time he finally got one to work in terms of setting up a scoring play.

As you see Castillo does this play all on his own. He gets the ball on the wing and blows by a couple defenders. And then blows by a couple more before his pass to Maxi Urruti.

Was there a foul on the play? No, just two players going for the ball in my opinion. Castillo’s speed was on full display in this situation but he does a great job of slowing things down just enough to draw in a defender or two to make a mistake.

Sometimes Castillo just makes defenders look silly.

The header in the end from Urruti was spot on too. All in all a very well done play from Castillo and Urruti to get FC Dallas a goal on the night that would help get the Brimstone Cup back to Frisco.